Why Film Will Never Die

Film isn’t dead, while technology has turned virtually everything into a camera, film remains a favorite among professional photographers. For those new to photography, using film provides you with valuable lessons on how to use a camera. From understanding exposure and how you should use it, to learning the patience to take the perfect shot, film photography is a needed skill for anyone who takes the profession seriously.

However you don’t need to be a photographer to understand the best ways to use film. We have some suggestions that can get you started using film today.

Instant Cameras


INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera

INSTAX is a fun and retro way to experiment with film. Easy to use, this camera takes pictures and then develops them, a throwback to the original Polaroid cameras it is popular among hipsters and camera enthusiasts who long for the days of the instant camera. Whether you pine for the Polaroids of your childhood, or you just want a fun way to take instant pictures this camera is a clear winner.

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