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In life we get the chance to experience that which we cannot on the other side. This is a piece of heaven, right here, right now. To miss it would be a shame.<br /><br />Serving New Jersey with over 50 years experience, I am a gifted psychic whose purpose is to help you achieve your highest possible potential in life. Approach your spiritual, emotional and physical well being. My main focus is authenticity, honesty and integrity, if you need direction concerning your career, relationship, depression or any other obstacle.<br /><br />With personal relationships I will share deep insight into your partner's feelings, their real intentions and the future of your relationship. Resolve all of life's dilemmas. I have advised many different people across the US and abroad and have gained the respect of doctors, lawyers, politicians and psychologist. I have also helped people make decisions in business, money, relationships and family problems.<br />. Meditation,chakra balancing,aura cleansing,past life regression and dream interpretation also offered.<br /><br />Available For Gatherings and Events<br />Your energy center chakras are the spiritual organs that govern the flow of energy within your affection,your vitality,your outlook on life and your spiritual growth. The perpetual flow of energy that moves as a river of light through your chakras will keep your body,mind and spirit in a positive spin. The lack of energy flow like air trapped in a stuffy room can create stagnation,depression and lessen your abilities to love and be loved. Sometimes,even though we don't realize it,we aren't able to hold on to our energy. When this happens we can feel drained and lose our zest for life. There are many ways this can happen in each of the different chakras. We can lose energy if we feed into a negative outlook about ourselves or others involving jealousy,hatred and anger. Also,we can experience an energy drain when spiritually we are in an unhealthy environment and sometimes when we interact with someone who is toxic.<br /><br />List of Chakras:<br />1. The Root Chakra -Red<br />2. Sacral Chakra - Orange<br />3. The Solar Plexus - Yellow<br />4. Heart Chakra - Green<br />5. Throat Chakra - Blue<br />6. The Third Eye Chakra - Amethyst<br />7. The Crown Chakra - Violet<br /><br />We offer:<br /><br />* Palm readings<br />* Astrology<br />* Tarot card readings3<br />* Full life readings<br />* Physic readings<br />* Crystal ball readings<br />* Aura Readings<br />* Past life regression<br />