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  • over 6 years ago
    Summit Dental Health
    ★★★★★8 reviews

    Recently I had to have a tooth pulled. Dr. Garber made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, which I usually am not at the other dentist. It was done in no time at all and without any discomfort.

  • over 6 years ago
    Hair by Stewarts
    ★☆☆☆☆1 review

    Terrible experience! My blonde touch up Became the color of orange mac and cheese without highlights I wanted. I went back and got it "corrected" and they charged me more for the highlights I spent hours getting 2 days prior that werent visable through the orange. They refused to give me my mo...

  • about 7 years ago
    Bow Wow Hotel & Spa
    ★★★★★5 reviews

    I was worried about finding a new groomer for my two shitzu/maltese mix doggies but I found a great one with The Bow Wow Hotel & Spa. She talks to them very calmly and is sincere in caring for them. The service was excellent in every way and Bella and Chloe will be back!

  • over 7 years ago
    ★★★★★9 reviews

    I love the technology of their system. easy to use and reliable. The price? It's reasonable but not expensive, and I got my homeowner's insurance bill lower, and they also gave me extra stuffs. Feel safe? with ADT, I am safe, my house is safe, my whole family is safe, my property is safe.

  • over 7 years ago
    Paul's Tree Service
    ★★★★★6 reviews

    The work was exceptional, the crew extremely professional, and the cleanup better than I would have ever expected. Thank you.