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  • about 9 years ago
    Pet Central
    ★☆☆☆☆13 reviews

    I'm quite angry! The owner told my Mom that he feeds his horses Sentinal Horse feed. My Mother,being the trusting soul she is, has bought close to 60 bags in the past year. I found out today,that this creep,doesn't even own a horse!! NEVER DID!! Can't wait for Tractor Supply to open.

  • over 9 years ago
    B & L Home Interiors
    ★★★★★1 review

    Called B & L to give estimate on sealing my log cabin. Surprisingly good price. I attempted to start it myself, even rented a pressure washer to clean off the buildup but gave up out of frustration. Plus the B & L people knew just what to do. They are super. Appreciate the great work

  • over 9 years ago
    Tuck Em Inn
    ★☆☆☆☆6 reviews

    Avoid this place at all costs!!! To avoid the hostile owners!!!! There is a sign under the doorbell ‚??Directions for guests only‚?Ě!!!! That was the first hint! Reservations were made for my family of 4. We frequent Lake Wallenpaupack, usually staying at our Aunts cabin. This trip ...

  • almost 10 years ago
    Mommy & Me Consignments
    ★★★★★8 reviews

    I rarely take time to respond to the obvious slander from Alyssa D. If you have an issue with a company, have the courtesy, maturity and professionalism to address the company, specifically the owner. I can assure you that the clothing at Mommy & Me Consignments is quite up-to-date, and a gener...

  • almost 10 years ago
    Morning Glory Gifts
    ★★★★★5 reviews

    As you can tell by photo... I love Morning Glory SHop. My 7 yr old grandaughter found my closet today and had a great time. I doubt we could bring her in the shop she would want all your VB purses. The staff is incredibly nice and helpful and the products are the best... I shop there often as...

  • almost 10 years ago
    White Mills Pet Shop
    ★☆☆☆☆10 reviews

    Horrendous!!!!!!!! This store sells puppy mill dogs!!!!! It is filthy and disgusting!!!! DO NOT BUY HERE!! As for the fire, dozens of animals died because they were housed in a metal warehouse! To the girl who "feels so bad for the Masons" Get a grip on reality and an education on the real world...

  • almost 10 years ago
    Cherry Ridge Veterinary Clinic
    ★★★★★14 reviews

    We brought our very ill dog, Bolo, to CRVC and could not have been handled with more gracious kindness and compassion. Dr. Platko, Cyndi, Renee, Brooke and the entire Staff at CRVC are to be commended for their expert care in handling an emotional experience in saying good-bye to a much loved pe...

  • almost 10 years ago
    Day's Bakery
    ★★★★☆9 reviews

    well let me start by saying this bakery is awsome fresh baked goods and very supportive of this town, id like to comment on the person who complained about the red headed women well miss thing grow up you are being rude , cause you werent served that secong you need to complain your probally look...

  • almost 10 years ago
    Jerry Land Jewelers
    ★★★★★5 reviews

    I walked in to Jerryland about 3 years ago and walked out with two beautiful unique pieces. My next visit I had left many pieces of jewlery that i had for years that were broken , but reluctant to leave at a jewlery store for repair. I felt so comfortable with Amy that I had left the jewlery with...

  • about 10 years ago
    Archangel Church Supply
    ★☆☆☆☆1 review

    I ordered a gold cross from them. I never got a shipping notice, it arrived damaged, I sent it back, they sent me a replacement 2 weeks later that was also damaged. The finally shipped another one another 2 weeks later and the enamel came off in 3 weeks. Through the whole process I NEVER got a...

  • about 10 years ago
    Apple Day Spa
    ★★★★★14 reviews

    I thoroughly enjoy going to apple day spa. Everyone there is so courteous and friendly. I use the infrared sauna on a regular basis and I am amazed at how much better I'm feeling and how much more energy I have now. It's incredible!! I had an anti-stress massage the other day with Amanda that...

  • over 10 years ago
    Cinema 6
    ★★★★★11 reviews

    Hello everyone. I am from Honesdale Cinema 6 and I'm here to announce that we are under new ownership. We are doing everthing in our power to make our theater a more enjoyable place to visit. We would like to appoligize for the reputation this theater has from before our ownership. Cinema 6 has ...

  • almost 11 years ago
    Greshams Chop House
    ★☆☆☆☆6 reviews

    Worst Experience Ever , Spent $220 on Dinner for the 4 of us and the soup was cold and vegetables were soft. On the way out we were verbally assaulted and profanity was used by the co owner Tom Regenski because our children were walking on the grass on the side of a hill between the restaurant ...