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  • about 6 years ago
    Claiborne, Shane, Dds - Central Virginia Family Dntstr
    ★★★★★25 reviews

    Very friendly office. I recieved great care!

  • about 6 years ago
    Betty Brite Cleaners
    ★☆☆☆☆3 reviews

    I sent in 15 shirts and a pair of pants for dry cleaning here. SIMPLY THE WORST QUALITY EVER. every single one of them came back with the same HORRID crease across the stomach and the seams on EVERY collar were pressed 2-3mm away from the stitching which makes the collars stick out like I am some...

  • about 6 years ago
    Best Movers of America Lynchburg
    ★★★★★9 reviews

    I'm the type of person who usually likes to do everything on my own. Then, I threw my back out and I needed someone to help with my move. This company had a reasonable price, quick delivery, and great customer service. They definitely had my back. This move was as smooth as promised. 5 stars!

  • about 6 years ago
    DAV Thrift Shop
    ★☆☆☆☆12 reviews

    It had been over a year since my mom and I had gone to the DAV, so we decided to stop in today to see if it had improved.The prices are still ridiculously high ($8.00 for a stained up old lamp shade), I saw one "worker" lounging against the bookshelves staring at the customers, and the cashier in...

  • about 6 years ago
    Pet & Aquatic Warehouse
    ★☆☆☆☆35 reviews

    It is not a coincidence that a day after we added the fish from this store to our tank, we had ich. Of course, we try to just catch new fish with nets and not add any store-water to our tank, but as two loaches were in a defunct take-home bag, we had little choice. Our tank has been a hassle si...

  • over 6 years ago
    Brownstone Properties, Inc.
    ★☆☆☆☆4 reviews

    If you are moving to Lynchburg, VA, rent from ANYBODY ELSE! Brownstone is the worst! Property filthy when we moved in. Missing smoke alarms. No callbacks on heat-out, water leaks etc. Maintenance is incompetent and slow at best! They also come into house with no notification. Beware! They...

  • over 6 years ago
    Laslie's Auto Body
    ★★★★★8 reviews

    All my service work gets done here. Friendly people, great work. I highly recommend!

  • over 6 years ago
    Expert Auto Repair
    ★★★★★11 reviews

    Shane and his crew got my car in and out of their shop quickly for front and rear brakes. I had already gotten a quote on my brakes when I got the car inspected, which I thought was a bit much. I was relieved to find out I could get the same job done for much less at Expert Auto Repair with a goo...

  • over 6 years ago
    King's Island Restaurant
    ★★★☆☆8 reviews

    I hope that our experience at dinner yesterday isn't the new normal here. Early evening, the place not busy yet, waited 15 min before waiter took our order. When the order came, it was the wrong menu item and had to return it. Waiter seemed distracted the whole time, and was apathetic abut ge...

  • over 6 years ago
    Collectors Lair
    ★☆☆☆☆16 reviews

    Ok, I'll start by saying that my first experience here was ok... I definitely questioned it by the outside and in. It's a mess. At first, the people that worked there seemed nice. I think there names are Paula and I'm actually not sure of the guys name, I think it might be James? He wears a hat b...

  • almost 7 years ago
    ★★★★★7 reviews

    I love the technology of their system. easy to use and reliable. The price? It's reasonable but not expensive, and I got my homeowner's insurance bill lower, and they also gave me extra stuffs. Feel safe? with ADT, I am safe, my house is safe, my whole family is safe, my property is safe.