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Finance - Concord, CA

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Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank

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Tax Settlement Lawyers

65 Galindo St. # 208, Concord, CA

"I crucial an individual to help me challenge the internal revenue service. I am aware this sounds cheesy, only to find they salvaged my well being. These folks ..."

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Tax Attorneys Now

2395 Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA

"I was supposed to pay back taxes. I received a garnishment produced by my manager. If I don't take the appropriate steps, We would become on the street. ..."

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Tax Settlement Help

2118 Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA

"My partner and I received a telephone call by a Revenue Officer. I figured this was a good signal in order to get in touch somebody for information. ..."

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Tax Relief Attorneys

1969 Diamond Boulevard, Concord, CA

"I do not file a tax return yearly. These folks helped me from the start. I worried for a long time that the IRS would definitely be sure ..."

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Tax Relief Attorneys

2540 East Street, Concord, CA

"A tax lien stopped me personally from producing a daily life in addition to just about anything into my legal name. I have been planning to provide for ..."

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Harbaugh Tax Attorney Network

1611 Solano Way, Suite #6, Concord, CA

"The IRS was giving me the run around for quite some time. They kept saying that I had these past taxes payable, when in fact I hadnt even ..."

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Concord Back Tax Network

1725 Willow Pass Rd, Suite #6, Concord, CA

"The Internal Revenue Service is a large monster. Knowing they are the largest collection agency in the country didnt frighten me. What frightened me was that I am ..."

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Hartman Tax Help Group

5410 Ygnacio Valley Rd, Suite # 6, Concord, CA

"Im a nurse and I have a lot of travel expenses. I'd been audited for a few years because of the expenses that my accountant said that I ..."

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William & William Tax Attorneys

1120 Meadow Ln Suite # 6, Concord, CA

"The other day I had a visit from an IRS office and today I called these people. I am so glad I was able to. If I must ..."

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Bank of America

2020 Willow Pass Rd Ste B, Concord, CA

"We were really happy with the protection and service the bank of american gives. If you lose a card they will de-activate it. They always have camera's on ..."