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Attractions - El Cajon, CA

★★★★☆ 8 Reviews

Boardwalk Pizza

  • 1280 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA
  • 619-448-8511

"The Boardwalk offers arcade and games for the younger members of the family. They do great birthday parties here. The kids win tickets on the games and rides ..."

★★★★★ 3 Reviews

Play Town

  • 856 Jackman St, El Cajon, CA
  • 619-447-7529

"We went to a birthday party for young kids here and even the adults had lots of fun. There was a side room for our food and the ..."

★★★★☆ 5 Reviews

Parkway Bowl

  • 1280 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA
  • 619-448-4111

"I love this bowling alley!!! When I still lived in San Diego, I went to a birthday party here, and it was great. It was pretty crowded in ..."

★★★☆☆ 11 Reviews


  • 1155 Graves Ave, El Cajon, CA
  • 619-593-1155

"wenis this pink robot thing did it already pass>> cause ima a tap bit confussed can sumbdy tell me sumthing hahah"

★★★☆☆ 1 Review

Parkway Family Billiards

  • 1280 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA
  • 619-448-4111

"It is a very family oriented place, It is a cheap place to go with your friends and family. However the equipment is old and the food is ..."

★★★★☆ 12 Reviews

San Diego Animal Shelter

  • 5821 Sweetwater Rd, Bonita, CA
  • 619-236-4250

"I can't say that this even begins to compare with the Kennedy Space center, but what space museum can? I've always been an avid fan of space museums, ..."

★★★★★ 1 Review

The Tubs

  • 7220 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA
  • 619-698-7727

"Lots of fun when you are feeling a bit risque! The tubs and rooms are sparkling clean, with a radio, mood ligting, and refresments."

★★★★★ 1 Review

Fern Street Community Arts

  • 4650 Mansfield St, San Diego, CA
  • 619-235-9756

"bah! i think fern street circus is amazing! in my experience in learning and performing with them, i would have to say fern street is a great confidence-builder. ..."

★★★★☆ 2 Reviews

Lucky Lady Casino and Card Room

  • 5526 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA
  • 619-287-6690

"Is the most unique and original card room in the state. Located in the middle of paradise, San Diego, California. There used to be 100 card rooms like ..."

★★★★☆ 2 Reviews

Hazy Meadow Ranch & Carriage

  • 15466 El Monte Rd, Lakeside, CA
  • 619-561-7050

"Beautiful Horse - very clean carriage. You must be clear with them ahead of time with exactly what you want."