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Bars Clubs - Modesto, CA

★★★★★ 104 Reviews

Uno Chicago Grill

  • 1533 Oakdale Rd, Modesto, CA
  • 209-521-8667

"The staff did such an excellent job. Thank you so much for everything."

★★★★☆ 13 Reviews

Nino's Place

  • 5219 Mchenry Ave, Modesto, CA
  • 209-544-2050

"I love this place! The bands, drinks served by the best bartenders ever, and the owners Linda and Paul sum of the nicest people iv met. A place ..."

★★★★★ 3 Reviews

Ridgway's Restaurant & Lounge

  • 2401 E. Orangeburg Ave Ste 20, Modesto, CA
  • 209-576-1587

"I was applying for a job at this Ridgeways and I have been a customer a few times. \r \r As a customer, the service was poor and ..."

★★★★☆ 9 Reviews

Fat Cat

  • 930 11th St, Modesto, CA
  • 209-524-1400

"This place is really great and we've had several good performers come and play here. Entry isn't too bad. Great place to go to if you're over 21 ..."

★★★★☆ 8 Reviews

Copper Rhino

  • 927 10th St, Modesto, CA
  • 209-577-4776

"This is a fun place to go on the weekends. It has two rooms, both with full bars. They play different kinds of music, depending on the night. ..."

★★★★☆ 6 Reviews

Speakeasy Lounge

  • 928 12th St A, Modesto, CA
  • 209-238-3907

"This place is pretty small. A live band was playing when I was there, but they weren't that good. This is a really low key place, not too ..."

★★★★☆ 5 Reviews

Running Iron

  • 516 Mchenry Ave, Modesto, CA
  • 209-522-9357

"The Running Iron is a great place to start your night if you are out for a pub crawl. Or just stay for the evening. The drinks are ..."

★★★★☆ 5 Reviews

Donoby's Bar & Grill

  • 2401 E Orangeburg Ave Ste 35, Modesto, CA
  • 209-521-4365

"This place is a little bar with decent prices and loud mouthed customers. When things get wild it seems like the cops are always called. The atmosphere is ..."

★★★★☆ 5 Reviews


  • 1745 Prescott Rd, Modesto, CA
  • 209-544-1962

"It's a fun place to go and dance for the older crowd. The drinks are watery but hey it doesn't take much when you get older. They also ..."

★★★★☆ 5 Reviews

Langlois Music Co Inc

  • 1700 McHenry Ave 78, Modesto, CA
  • 209-524-1355

"Randall Padilla who teaches at Langlois is the best. No other instructor that I have met or heard of can play as well as he plays or is ..."