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Attorneys - Washington, DC

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Tax Lawyers Now

111 Irving Street Northwest #31, Washington, DC

"We had not paid back taxes for the IRS in a long period. They had started levying my commission. If I wouldn't do something, I would possibly be ..."

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Tax Relief Lawyers

812 Connecticut Ave NW #32, Washington, DC

"I've had a tax lien on this credit several years. We had been pre-approved for just a property or home that we was not able to buy having ..."

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Tax Settlement Lawyers

1153 Varnum St NE #33, Washington, DC

"A tax lien hindered my family from accomplishing multiple issues for ages. I have been pre-approved to obtain a property or home that we were not able to ..."

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Tax Settlement Help

5905 MacArthur Boulevard Northwest #35, Washington, DC

"A tax lien kept my family from by having a way of life and additionally just about anything on my full name. I had been attempting to look ..."

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Tax Relief Attorneys

1153 Varnum St NE #33, Washington, DC

"A tax lien held back us from completing many things for some time. We were aiming to look after our grandkids and the Federal government prevented us and ..."

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The Tax Relief Lawyers

901 23rd Street, Washington, DC

"I had to have a person that helped me to attack the internal revenue service. I am afraid from the could happen whenever the Internal revenue service found ..."

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Tax Lawyers Today

737 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC

"We had not repaid taxes towards the IRS in a long time. I attained a garnishment through my owner. If I did not take action, We'd be on ..."

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Lawyers for Income Tax Relief

1100 4th St SW, Washington, DC

"I was working to handle my back tax debt on my own but was getting no place with the Internal Revenue Service. relocate Lawyers for Income Tax Relief ..."

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Potomac IRS Back Tax Lawyers

3100 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC

"It's been several years since I'd filed my returns, and so I was scared when I got my first notice. I knew the time had come to get ..."

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National IRS Tax Relief Lawyers

1701 Corcoran St NW, Suite #5, Washington, DC

"If you want to solve your IRS problems, get in touch with these guys. If youre planning to waste time and keep putting your IRS issues off, dont ..."