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Fast Food Restaurants - Indianapolis, IN

★★★★☆ 12 Reviews

White Castle Corp Office

  • 921 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-269-4590

"Valentine's Day at White Castle at Castleton is, as they day, a hoot. Thanks to Julie and Allen Baker for making it fun..."

★★★★★ 2 Reviews


  • 3201 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-580-7795

"Was there. Went inside. Purchased chicken nuggets. Asked for honey mustard sauce. Was told it's $.25 cents each. What? Since when? The funny thing that the sales person ..."

★★★★★ 3 Reviews


  • 5240 E Southport Rd, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-780-7477

"Best chicken sandwich you can get for the money. Like what you'd get at a sit down restaurant. Nicest staff in Indy!"

★★★★★ 2 Reviews


  • 9536 N Meridian, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-846-7038

"this place made me gain like 150 pounds!"

★★★★☆ 4 Reviews

Bob's Tu Your Door Pizza

  • 3653 Carson Ave, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-787-0312

"I think Bobs' tu your door is a great place to order pizza. The service is great and the food is delicious. It's a small place on carson, ..."

★★★★★ 1 Review


  • 3021 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-631-3484

"@ Kamila, you sound like you were on shrooms when you visited this Micky D's. I would love to say that it's still a perfect little mushroom world, ..."

★★★★★ 1 Review

Burger King

  • 3401 West 16th St, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-637-6665

"This is THE SLOWEST Burger King anywhere. Not sure if it is management or just the lackluster workers, but it always takes FOREVER!"

★★★★★ 1 Review

Burger King

  • 3303 West 86th St, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-876-3248

"This place was the dirtiest and most unprofessional fast food chain store I had ever been to. Shift manager could not speak clear English, but was capable of ..."

★★★★★ 1 Review

Dq Grill & Chill

  • 10605 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-826-3737

"Not sure why they serve such small portions, but I bite the bullet every once and awhile. and go. The quality of product seems more like ice milk ..."

★★★★★ 1 Review


  • 3323 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN
  • 317-638-9152

"I do like Wendys, but I have to say this store is the pits.I feel lucky if I get have the order right. I can overlook once or ..."

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