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Tax Consultants - Boston, MA

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Boston's IRS Tax Relief Lawyers

181 Cambridge St, Suite #7, Boston, MA

"Im a single mom with two kids. My ex was claiming my children for quite a while. Each year I'd have to handle the IRS problems and prove ..."

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The Scott Back Tax Group

33 Kilmarnock St, Suite #3, Boston, MA

"About 3-4 years ago when I retired, I took everything I had out of my 401K. I was thinking that once I received the money the tax was ..."

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Back Tax Relief Attorneys

53 Huntington Avenue Suite B, Boston, MA

"I was reluctant to pay you guys the amount of money that I did, which is why I'm actually writing this. I, like most people in tax trouble, ..."

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IRS Tax Levy Attorneys

150 Richmond Street, Suite 102, Boston, MA

"I have a new lease on life thanks to the work you guys did. There is now a hope that I haven't had in a long time. I ..."

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IRS Tax Garnishment Attorneys

900 Boylston Street, Suite 90, Boston, MA

"Your company gave me a new lease on life. I now have hope where hope didn't exist before. I'm not feeling like I'm in a little room with ..."

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Income Tax Problems Specialists

151 Sumner Street, Suite 12, Boston, MA

"Praise the lord, for the help you've given me. What you did for me was amazing as this IRS issue was starting to really take a toll on ..."

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Business Tax Relief Lawyers

1067 Commonwealth Ave, Suite19, Boston, MA

"I didn't know I had a huge payroll tax debt. I was scared and didn't know where to go. Business Tax Relief Lawyers did what I needed them ..."

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IRS Tax Relief Specialists

15 Beacon Street Suite 30, Boston, MA

"I owed the IRS lots of money. My office manager said the Federal government was going to initiate garnishing my wages, and this was as soon as they ..."

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IRS Federal Tax Relief Lawyers

41 Union Street Suite 20, Boston, MA

"I had a huge tax debt which couldn't afford entirely. A bank levy had wiped out my financial savings additionally, on top of that I got correspondence claiming ..."

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IRS Tax Lien Help

44 Charles Street Suite 77, Boston, MA

"You've saved my life, figuratively speaking. You've helped take so much stress away from my life as this IRS issue was really taking it's toll. I'm now in ..."