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Home Garden - Toledo, OH

★★★★★ 171 Reviews

24hrlockouts Toledo

  • 6725 West Central Avenue, Toledo, OH
  • 419-419-5700

"Looking after my paralyzed father is a hand full. I never wanted him to be in a care home because I think that would worsen his condition. I ..."

★★★★★ 6 Reviews

Ayers Lawn & Landscape LTD

  • 3309 Moffat Rd, Toledo, OH
  • 419-467-3746

"One lovely waterfall, a small lake with lilies, lots of river stones and wooden pots for my new garden flowers. It`s all I`ve ever dreamt for and even ..."

★★★★★ 5 Reviews

Any Drain Unplugged 49.95

  • 3134 Ravenwood Blvd, Toledo, OH
  • 419-690-2534

"I had an excellent feeling that the job would be done correctly. I had been very upset at an original leak, but when a second leak came I ..."

★★★★★ 4 Reviews

Kens Flower Shops

  • 4038 Talmadge at Sylvania, Toledo, OH
  • 419-473-3000

"Ken's delivered a peace lily plant to my uncle's visitation. It was a beautiful plant and they made wrote out a card for me because there was too ..."

★★★★★ 4 Reviews

Dave Smith Appliance Services

  • 3820 W. Alexis Rd., Toledo, OH
  • 419-474-4888

"Thank you for the fast, professional service we received as first time clients on our dryer repair. Im so appreciative of your efforts of timeliness and efficiency."

★★★★★ 3 Reviews

Appliance Repair Toledo OH

  • 2106 Stirrup Lane, Toledo, OH
  • 419-474-4888

"Excellent Service! My Dryer would not work. I call another company was told I would need another dryer without even looking at it. Dave's company came out and ..."

★★★★★ 3 Reviews

ABC Tree Service

  • 841 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH
  • 734-854-7749

"hey have always worked with me to bring my projects to completion in a timely and affordable way, even when other companies wouldn't even touch the job they ..."

★★★★★ 2 Reviews

Sharper Edge

  • 1944 Balkan Place, Toledo, OH
  • 419-931-6776

"They built a beautiful patio, matching sidewalk and courtyard area for us incorporating design and color options of our choosing. I also had them repaired terrace walls and ..."

★★★★★ 1 Review

Toledo Mirror & Glass Co

  • 103 Avondale Ave, Toledo, OH
  • 419-241-3151

"Toledo Mirror and Glass sold me a tempered glass top for my desk. When it cracked after only a month, due to them not supporting it properly on ..."

★★★★★ 1 Review

Toledo Automatic Door Company

  • Toledo, OH
  • 419-693-3435

"Toledo Automatic Door came to my rescue one morning when I went to leave for work and my garage door would not open--not even manually. When I called, ..."