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Finance - Seattle, WA

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IRS Federal Tax Relief Lawyers

  • 2124 5th Ave Suite 111, Seattle, WA
  • 888-661-0213

"Thank you thank you thank you... You saved my life. What you did for me was amazing as this IRS issue was starting to really take a toll ..."

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1st Reverse Mortgage USA

  • 1422 NW 85th St, Seattle, WA
  • 206-420-4517

"Sue has the expertise and the people skills to help Senior homeowners. She takes the time to listen to her clients objectives and ideas, and helps them put ..."

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John L Scott Property Management

  • 1225 S. Weller St #400, Seattle, WA
  • 206-621-9840

"Because of a very favorable experience with J. L. Scott when I originally bought my condo, I decided to contract with them to manage the property when it ..."

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Tax Lawyers Now

  • 322 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA
  • 888-605-5608

"I now have a new lease on life thanks to your company. I finally have hope, when hope wasn't an option before you guys. I'm not feeling like ..."

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Tax Relief Lawyers

  • 1416 10th Ave #2, Seattle, WA
  • 888-605-5609

"Once I discovered I owed the government back taxes, I tried to negotiate a settlement alone but it really was longer and even more challenging than I thought. ..."

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Tax Settlement Lawyers

  • 542 4th Ave #96, Seattle, WA
  • 888-605-5612

"I didn't want to get any outside help for my tax debt but the forms I needed were confusing and the IRS kept asking for more and more ..."

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Lawyers for Tax Relief

  • 216 33rd Ave #86, Seattle, WA
  • 888-605-5618

"I used to be in arrears because of the Federal government for lots of dinero. I received a garnishment produced by my supervisor. I dreaded surrendering the house ..."

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Tax Attorneys Now

  • 1301 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA
  • 888-605-5617

"My spouse and I had not paid back taxes in most years and years. Now I am so thankful that I identified these people, the company reduced the ..."

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Tax Relief Attorneys

  • 701 5th Avenue, Seattle, Seattle, WA
  • 888-605-5610

"I have a new lease on life thanks to the work you guys did. There is now a hope that I haven't had in a long time. I ..."

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IRS Income Tax Lawyers

  • 10008 Aurora Avenue North,Suite #1, Seattle, WA
  • 888-605-5659

"I owed the IRS back payroll taxes. With the IRS breathing down my neck I knew I had to resolve this problem, but I didn't know where to ..."