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What Insiders are Saying about 7-Eleven

7-Eleven in Shrewsbury, MA


By ayesha k.

White Hen Pantry is a nice place to go for all that every day needs of bread,milk,eggs and butter and not to forget the water and craving snacksplus kids candies.A great stop for that so called small needs.Its good cos you dont have to stand in a big grocery store line plus the prices are almost similar to grocery stores making it a great place to shop for convenience.They have all items in stock whenever i go,all are well dated and nothing is expired.They really take good care of there customers.Very clean place nicely done aisles and great customer service.It also offers a small range of items for breakfast and mini luncheons and there food is always fresh making it a best place to go for these needs.I give it 5 stars.

7-Eleven in Chicago, IL


By jane v.

this 7 eleven is better than most other ones. it is always clean, the employees are always courteous, the selections are nicely laid out, and it is in a convenient location.

7-Eleven in Arlington, AL


By patricia g.

I really like this seven-eleven because it was really clean employee move real fast. No long lines. nice display.

7-Eleven in Lakewood, CA


By anita l.

This store is neighborhood friendly. People come in on a daily basis. Getting their start on their day with coffee.. newspapers . etc.. please visit soon.

7-Eleven in Henderson, AR


By Peggy E.

This particular 7-Eleven has the most honest employees I've ever seen. I accidentally left my wallet on their counter after buying a drink. I realized that my wallet was missing from my purse and drove back to their store to find that they had put it behind the counter. Nothing had been removed from my wallet! It gives me faith in humanity.

7-Eleven in Chino Hills, CA


By Michelle E.

I love the 7-11 when you are hungry you just run inside and get a little something to eat or drink. If you have a small emergency on the road they will cover it.

7-Eleven in Fort Lee, NJ


By jenny j.

7-eleven in fort lee located at lemoine ave. has the best and freshest coffee. so much cheaper than starbucks , and so many ways that anyone can make it their way. great staff and very clean store

7-Eleven in Bordentown, NJ


By Michelle H.

This is the cleanest 7-eleven I have ever been in. The owners are super friendly - if you don't come in for a while they will ask you where you have been. One even remembered to ask about my vacation when I came home. And I agree with previous review - the coffee is always fresh. Maybe because they are busy but it is nice!

7-Eleven in San Diego, CA


By Tran C.

Everyone loves this store! It's open twenty-four hours a day so if you ever need anything late at night, this is the place to go to. Quick and easy service.

7-Eleven in San Jose, CA


By C C.

This 7-11, king rd - their customer service is GR8 ! I am a disabled person & they go above and beyond in CUSTOMER CARE/SERVICE ! THE STORE IS ALWAYS 'CLEAN'!! AND THE EMPLOYEES ARE SO CARING & PROFESSIONAL! I AM SO 'THANKFUL' THEY ARE NEAR ! if your not 'near to them',,, it is well worth the drive- they are that good and caring of their customers!

7-Eleven in Manassas, VA


By Eric M.

I notice a new franchisee and a difference. The store is clean and has always had fresh coffee. They will actually make you a new pot of flavored if you just ask them. Nice folks!

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