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What Insiders are Saying about AAA Travel

AAA Travel in Downers Grove, IL


By Maureen B.

We have now used Just Travel, for our last three vacations. Believe me when I say that the service you receive from these ladies is first class! They are very knowledgeable and very conscientious about your needs. My mom has a hard time walking and they made sure the airport had a wheelchair waiting for her when we arrived in Orlando! The little things such as this, really do matter. I have recommended them to my friends and family and each one of them have been extremely pleased with their service. You can't go wrong with this group, so why not....Just Travel!

AAA Travel in Las Vegas, NM


By Chau T.

If you decided to travel, this is a great place to go to. They offer to make your Visa, Passport, and Re-Entry Permit. You can buy tickets to travel anywhere in the world. You can also buy tickets for your friends and family and have them send it to them. They also offer information for hotel, car, and shows. They offer packet tours, cruises, and am track. It's a nice place and you get quick and good services too.

AAA Travel in Torrance, CA


By Anaclaudia P.

Great place to go to to get information on your next trip. Helpful agents and they give you whatever you need as far as maps, etc. if you're looking to travel cross country.

AAA Travel in West Chester, PA


By Myra A.

My husband and I book through Avian whenever we travel. We always get a great rate and the personal service that you can rarely find. I recommend talking to Paul who seems to know of a great hotel or place to eat wherever we go. We usually travel on a budget and he knows how to help us get around extra fees when traveling. It's kind of like talking to my dad.

AAA Travel in La Mesa, CA


By Brenda H.

I happened to misplace my bill, so I called the Triple A office and spoke to a friendly customer service representative. She was able to take my payment right over the phone at no extra charge! I didn't have to race down to the office at all! I got great service.

AAA Travel in Renton, WA


By c s.

AAA is always helpful and eager to get me the things I need. It is worth the money paid each year for the peace of mind and the benefits. ie maps, trip tiks. etc.

AAA Travel in Rockville, IN


By Robyn C.

I lived in a one-bedroom apartment with a garage and loved it. The staff were always friendly, the facilities were beautiful (pool, gym, basketball court), and the neighbors were very friendly. I found it to be mostly young couples or young families, lots of children. The bus stop for the local elementary school was under my window, so I always heard kids yelling and playing each morning, but luckily that was always the time I'd be getting up anyway. Pets are allowed; I saw many residents walking dogs (large and small) around the properties. Utilities aren't included, and the rent is quite steep, but you are paying for the name and for the new facilities and structures. I would absolutely recommend living here.

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