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What Insiders are Saying about AAMCO

AAMCO in Newnan, GA


By Troy R.

I have to say i love this place. I hear people say it is a lil expensive, but in reality it is better then the other gyms. The family package includes childcare. I have 2 children. When i was comparing gyms the other gyms you had to add a monthly charge ontop of your regular dues which put the other gyms like 10 dollars more a month. This place has more then the other gyms as well. Indoor running track. Basketball and tennis courts, pool. all cardio has a tv and dvd player on it so you can watch what you want. what more can you ask for?

AAMCO in Fort Worth, TX


By Roberta L.

The main branch is really nice. All kinds of areas to spread out into. Big indoor pool, lots of classes. Locker area is wonderful. The prices are nearing the high mark but Ok. Parking is downtown and not too bad, there is a free lot available for use, otherwise park on the street with a meter. LOTS of stairs (don't bring the stroller). Staff is very friendly and downright funny.

AAMCO in Longmont, CO


By Jason M.

Such a great gym. It has everything you need, a comfortable atmosphere, and it's never really that busy. Very affordable, and has all the amenities you need. Pool, child care for while you work out, group classes, spinning, racquetball... You name it, they have it. Such a fun place for my family.

AAMCO in Houston, AK


By James S.

My wife and I have been here a couple times looking for area rugs for out guest room and our kids rooms. They have a really nice selection of rugs to chose from. We purchased 2 of them as the prices just couldn't be beat for the quality of the rugs. This is a definate must go place if you are looking for a good quality carpet or rugs.

AAMCO in Las Vegas, NM


By N S.

My sister enrolled her kid for swimming lesson at this YMCA last summer and very happy with the place. She said everyone there was very friendly and expecially her kid's swimming instructor. YMCA offers classes for everyone and all ages who want to learn to swim. It's very safe and cheap. The facility is one of the best recreational places in town. Highly recommend it for everyone.

AAMCO in San Francisco, CA


By Carol Q.

This is the best YMCA in San Francisco. It is a good size facility that is clean and very well maintained. It has a great variety of exercise equipment and always someone there to help you work things out. This gym offers the same services that other gyms offer, but the prices at the YMCA are much cheaper than premium gyms. Its an overall great value for the price. This gym is highly recommended. Some of the other YMCA gyms are not as new and clean, but the Embarcadero gym is great.

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