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What Insiders are Saying about Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware in Lexington, AL


By Chris L.

Lexington Ace Hardware has a great selection of tools and equipment at fair and reasonable prices. The management is extremely helpful and the you can't beat the location- 2 minutes from lexington center! 5 stars for Lexington Ace!

Ace Hardware in Geneva, AL


By Mike D.

Geneva Ace Hardware is now Geneva Hardware a Do-It-Best full service hardware store located on the corner of Route 38 and Randall road. More product, easy parking and same great helpful service. Everything you need for your home fix or repair project including paint, tools, garden and more is at the new Geneva Hardware on Randall road & route 38

Ace Hardware in Lake Dallas, TX


By Jerry K.

Fantastic, knowledgeble, freindly, helpful and reasonable but you gotta have a love for an old timey hardware store to get the most out of your visit. The boss is always on site and everyone of his crew knows their stuff.

Ace Hardware in Broomfield, CO


By Kathy A.

Ace Hardware in Lafayette is the worst hardware store in the area. I've had several bad customer service experiences and kept going back because the store seemed clean and organized enough and I thought I had just had bad luck. I selected a paint with color to mix and spent 10 minutes waiting on someone to help mix the can. Finally, someone came by and said they weren't supposed to still be there but they felt bad for me and would help me out. I showed him the color and the paint and he mixed it. The paint didn't look right after the first mixing. After the second mixing the guy tried to tell me it was o.k. It wasn't. Then he tells me that particular color won't work with that brand of paint. He could have told me that 45 minutes before when I first picked it out! My husband bought a lightbulb there and we took it home to plug in. It didn't work. We brought the lightbulb back and on the way in my 3 year old fell and scraped his knee in front of the door. I immediately spoke to a woman at the cash register and told me about the light (which she couldn't help me with...) and I then asked about a bandaid and some medicine to help fix the bleeding knee. She was nice enough and took me to a back hallway. We waited for awhile and she came back with a bandaid, no medicine (not a big deal, but not what she said she would do to help me out.) I went into the restroom to wash it off and he was being brave, but it still stung. So I went back to the front of the store to get the lightbulb replaced and to see if she could find someone to help. She was on a personal call and told me to get this guy in the back to help me. I went back to the man behind this desk and he was laughing with another customer. I guess he had to help take something to this guys car and told me he'd be back in a bit to help me out. At this point I'm fuming because I just needed to replace a stupid lightbulb (and I had looked everywhere in the aisle with lightbulbs and couldn't find an PROS: Clean restroom, clean store CONS: customer service, stock low on a lot of things

Ace Hardware in Houston, AK


By C A.

As they say "Ace is the place" and it truly is. My husband always thought they had everything anyone might need or want. He loves this store,plus it is owned by friends of the family. PROS: A friendly place! CONS:

Ace Hardware in Las Vegas, NM


By rebecca p.

Clean store with staff who are knowledgeable. Easy to locate items in store. The store is well stocked. Nice to find cleaners to hardware. Fair prices. PROS: Well stocked. CONS: In a corner of a shopping store, you could miss them.

Ace Hardware in New York, NY


By Jacqueline G.

This Ace Hardware is fantastic because I walked in expecting a hardware store.. and they are SO much more!!!‚?®‚?®It's one of those random NYC spots that really has EVERYTHING... in a good way and not in a cheap dollar store way. Prices are decent, but not cheap. But you can find ANYTHING you need for your home, even some groceries and the famous "As seen on TV" shelf. It's huge, slightly tough to navigate... only reason for no 5 stars... but what smart store within NYC isn't if they can squeeze more stuff and aisles into their space for less. Really an addicting store, I will say that much!!!!! Love this place. since 1995, they expanded from the main original store, left to Starbucks and right to the other corner. if only there was a way they could expand and move into the Duane Reade, just 2 1/2 blocks away from another one.‚?®‚?® They have just about anything you could want. lots of housewares, cool dishes and glassware, cleaning stuff, hardware, stationery, cards, etc. Good place for a quick party gift too. Lots of fun stuff up at the counter area too. The stuff isn't junk either, like a dollar shop. It's well selected and generally good quality. If you're an impulse buyer, put on your blinders.‚?®‚?®Definitely a neighborhood staple.

Ace Hardware in Philadelphia, MO


By Melanie B.

It's a small store that can sometimes be limited in selection, but I've always found what I needed, and the prices are great. All the basic supplies are here. They also have key-making services and sell used and off-brand car clubs (I got my club here and it's been fine). The employees are always very friendly, helpful, and willing to answer any questions. I'd rather go here than some big, impersonal place where it takes forever to find anything.

Ace Hardware in San Diego, CA


By Mike H.

Whatever you may need to for your general household fix-em-up tasks, you can find here. The helpful employess, suprisingly good selection and decent prices are sure nice too.

Ace Hardware in Benicia, CA


By Kevin C.

This is a great place to get your projects done. the staff are all very friendly and know what they are talking about. the prices maybe a little bit more expensive than home depot but it is a lot better than driving all the way over there and getting no help at all.

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