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What Insiders are Saying about Aeropostale

Aeropostale in Providence, KY


By Kayla C.

This is an outstanding Victoria's Secret Store. It is so large and they have such a wonderful selection of bras to choose from. I love their body section (they have wicked nice scents). They have all of their bras organized very well so that its easy to find what you are looking for. Nice pajamas and panties too.

Aeropostale in Schaumburg, IL


By So B.

I always go in here when I'm shopping. The quality of the clothes is good and they are always having excellent sales on everything. I never ever buy anything at full price from here. It's a great place to pick up cheap t-shirts and their cargo pants and capris are soft and comfortable and I love the way they fit.

Aeropostale in Arlington, AL


By Chris D.

This is a great place to find really cheap shirts. I found some nice long sleeve shirts for like 5 bucks in there. They dont have a large selection, but they make up for it by keeping prices low. One thing I dont like though is that they dont carry any pants in my length. The customer service has been pretty good each time we go in there. If a price is wrong or misplaced, they give you the fair price and dont make a fuss about it. PROS: cheap shirts and good customer service CONS: small selection

Aeropostale in Spring, TX


By kristy h.

Very good sales, and prices. Excellent service. Store was very clean, and had more than enough help on hand. Middle of the day, and store was still very neat and tidy, shirts all nicely folded. Highly recommend PROS: good sales, and service CONS:

Aeropostale in Eatontown, NJ


By edwin h.

I like this aeropostale store in the monmouth mall for many reasons. they have a big store for you to look around and the staff is willing to help as much as needed. they give good discounts and the clothes are more casual, but the prices are great and its nice place to shop when at the mall.

Aeropostale in Voorhees, NJ


By Bathsheba A.

My tween loves this store!! Great prices on the clearance rack! The staff is always friendly and willing to help with whatever you need (including checking other locations for an item).

Aeropostale in El Cajon, CA


By Cathy F.

I absolutly love this store.The staff are always nice helpful and do there job. The store is always clean and there clothes are not all over the ground.

Aeropostale in Concord, CA


By Bahar P.

I love Aeropostale. It has really good clothing. I love their t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, capris, pajamas, shorts, and just about everything else. It has really cool casual clothing. Their prices arent too bad either. The staff was really nice too. They will help you with anything you are having problems with. Aeropostale also has very good quality clothing!

Aeropostale in Lynnwood, WA


By Ginny E.

This store is in a very nice location (Alderwood Mall). The front windows are appealing with trendy styles. The staff was all young males. The one in charge seemed to be very helpful, friendly, making suggestions about different clothing items. Lots of sale items. PROS: Location, Sales, Male staff (nice change) CONS: Not much for the 11-13 age group.

Aeropostale in Mc Lean, IL


By Jessica B.

Although the clothing in Aeropostale are designed for young men and women between the ages of 13-22, me, age 29, still like wear some of their tees and shorts. But, I am immature and on the petite side, so sometimes I can pull it off. Others times my friends finally break down and tell me dress you age! Anyway, the staff is as helpful as teens who have a part-time job can be. The prices are right and the clothing is very cute. PROS: Inexpensive, trendy CONS: