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What Insiders are Saying about Agway

Agway in Danvers, IL


By Shauna M.

I got my chicks here and i won a lot of awards at the topsfield fair! They offer quality and have a lot of better prices than pets mart or petco. There also friendlier and more helpful

Agway in Bolingbrook, IL


By Cris J.

Ikea is amazing.They have all kinds of cool and exotic furniture and always at their lowest prices.You just can't get anything better.They have a great staff too.

Agway in Greeley, CO


By Janna Y.

The Egg & I offers a very unique breakfast menu that is to die for! They are priced similar to other breakfast establishments, but their food is better than all the rest. I highly recommend to try them for breakfast or lunch (which is also wonderful). PROS: Unique menu, reasonably priced, outstanding food CONS:

Agway in Flemington, NJ


By Brandon B.

This place is pretty impressive when it comes to the amount of items they have, they have a little bit of everything , animal feed, gardening supplies and equipment, hardware, and even lawn ornaments. They have everything at reasonable prices. The store itself is really old and outdated but they are well trusted by people in this town and offer so many services so it makes up for it. Parking is great and the staff is very very helpful.

Agway in Columbus, AR


By Dana P.

...of food and feed for lots of animals. In the spring they sell chicks and baby bunnies. We used to buy my dog's food here, but switched to a different brand and know go elsewhere. The staff is pleasant and has everything a farmer (or anyone) needs!

Agway in San Diego, CA


By Jordan B.

frequented this place a few years back only for the pre-natal yoga class (I'm actually a Bikram fan). This class was awesome! I had a pretty easy pregnancy, and I give partial credit to the prenatal yoga I did here. The instructor was great, she had a child of her own, so she could relate to our affected state, and bountiful bellies. She always came around and aided everyone during the postures, and made sure nobody hurt themselves. She even offered suggestions of postures you could do at home, on your own time. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a pre-natal yoga class. My only issue at the time, was I wish they offered this class more than once a week, I liked it that much!! But perhaps the demand may not justify an additional class. Overall though, a great pick for pre-natal yoga

Agway in San Francisco, CA


By Natalie B.

Egg has the cutest jewelry and gifts! They are pricey but it's very fun just to look around or find that perfect unique gift for a friend. Very high quality stuff.

Agway in Renton, WA


By Petra R.

The Self-check idea that IKEA implemented is a disaster. It is very bad when a customer's last experience at the check-out counter is frustrating because of long, long lines and people who are not being helped because the one person at the self-check is trying to help eight people at a time and can't keep up. Everyone is exasperated and irritated! Is it worth saving a few $$$ on labor to have half your customers leave frustrated. And donā??t ever attempt to return anything. You will spend at least Ā½ hour in line while they process endless paperwork at a very slow pace and in a rude manner. Thus saidā??they have good ideas and good prices, but my time and sanity is worth a good experience as well!

Agway in Woodbridge, CA


By Sue C.

I love the store for the concept. They have great prices . The upper level has showcased different ideas and that is where you can just look around and get inspired . They have contemporary style stuff for every room and abundance of styling and interior decorating ideas. The furniture is mostly light toned and not very cumbersome looking. The marketplace is at the lower level. The only thing lacking is a better place to eat. The restaurant has very limited food choices, and for such a big store where one spends almost a day, they need to do something about the food they offer.

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