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What Insiders are Saying about Aldi

Aldi in Aurora, IL


By ambreen W.

Aldi is the cheapest grocery store around! They have the absolute best prices and I always save so much when I shop here. One thing to remember - they charge for grocery bags, so remember to bring your own!

Aldi in Denver, CO


By E M.

Nice little shop that carries both original art as well as does terrific work with framing. We've brought several photographs in here to get framed and have been very happy with the results.

Aldi in Las Vegas, NM


By Alice W.

I've been to every Ulta in Vegas and Henderson, and i must say that this one is my absolute favorite! The people there are soooooo friendly and helpful. There was this really sweet girl at the front door who asked me how i was and asked me if i wanted help on finding anything. And in fact i did! I had such a hard time finding the right cosmetics and haircare for myself. So i started asking her all my questions and she immediately knew where everything was and even educated me on the products we both picked out for me. I've been to many retail stores were customer service was so poor it was sad. But this place tops it. After i got everything i needed the girl asked me if there was anything else i needed, she didn't just walk off and actually waited for me to thank her for her hospitality. And even when i was checked out, the cashier gave me a real friendly smile and asked me if i found everything okay. I said yes and that i was pleasantly satisfied with the store's services. I have been shopping at this location for the last few months now and still receive the same friendly service. I even ask for the same employees for help and they remember me! Real great place for advice on makeup, hair, or anything else in beauty.

Aldi in Bethlehem, CT


By Nancy S.

Excellent place to stock up your pantry for a huge savings compared to the normal grocery stores! They have a large variety of items and you save money since they are a no frills grocery store.

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