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What Insiders are Saying about AMC

AMC in Atlanta, GA


By James D.

I was never comfortable here at this location and the staff tried hard, but for some reason I just never felt very safe.

AMC in Houston, AK


By James S.

My wife and I have been here a couple times looking for area rugs for out guest room and our kids rooms. They have a really nice selection of rugs to chose from. We purchased 2 of them as the prices just couldn't be beat for the quality of the rugs. This is a definate must go place if you are looking for a good quality carpet or rugs.

AMC in Marlton, NJ


By Ivy P.

Try going to the movies on an "Off" night and this theater is quiet, clean and just perfect for an adult date night. Not to mention that the movie we saw was a great film. Bond always does it for me. Loved it!

AMC in San Diego, CA


By Lily H.

I have been to this movie theater and i liked it because it was so clean. I would recomend this movie theater to a lot of people. If you are looking for a movie theater you know were to go.

AMC in Tacoma, WA


By Melanie K.

This movie theater is easy to find and has good discounts for students, children, military personnel, and senior citizens. The popcorn is really good and the bathrooms are clean. It also has a small arcade. The seats are very comfortable and are set up in a way that you can enjoy the movie even if someone is sitting in front of you.