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What Insiders are Saying about American Apparel

American Apparel in Atlanta, GA


By Josephine R.

American apparel is fantastic. In the winter I like to layer clothes and right now I'm really into their NEON COLLECTION!!!! Don't expect any kind of amazing customer service....But do expect amazing prices to just add onto your wardrobe. I like to just park and run in.

American Apparel in Providence, KY


By Ann Marie P.

my daughters and i love shopping in this store. everything is cotton and the prices are reasonable. my daughter even finds simple leotards for dance in this store

American Apparel in New York, NY


By Dan S.

If you're looking for some good plain t-shirts, you might as well go here. They are not super cheap because they are not sweatshop made, but they are not too expensive and are worth the money. They are so soft and come in a lot of nice colors. Wearing them makes you feel good, and so does buying them. The store also has other stuff like some underwear and dresses and I think hoodies.

American Apparel in San Diego, CA


By Nicole B.

The staff is very helpful. They offer a variety of clothes. I especially like their shirts. It is a little pricey but worth every penny! A overall good place to shop.

American Apparel in Berkeley, CA


By Joanne G.

I do like the fit of the tee shirts that American Apparel sells, and it's great that they finally have stores in the Bay Area. Styles are basic and comfortable and prices aren't too expensive. It's also awsome that the shirts are manufactured sweatshop free and within the US (Los Angeles). The only downside is that the skeevy owner of the company and his numerous sexual harrassment lawsuits have kept me from shopping here.

American Apparel in Seattle, WA


By A. H.

Yeah, sweatshop free clothing is a great idea, but what most people don't know is that American Apparel isn't the only sweatshop free clothing company around. American Apparel clothing seems to be generally made of flimsy material, at a hugely inflated price. The staff isn't very helpful and the marketing tactics of the company are questionable. Located near the college campus, so it tends to try to appeal to 20 something hipsters. If you want sweatshop free clothing, I suggest doing your research and looking elsewhere as there are a lot of growing companies that need support as well.