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American Eagle Outfitters offers jeans and graphic Ts, accessories, outerwear, footwear, basics, and swimwear targeting 15-25 year-olds. Find American Eagle Outfitters locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters in Atlanta, GA


By Elizabeth J.

This store has the newest fashions, great employees, and the best prices around. Many stores (which I will not mention...) jack up their prices on the most miniscule of items. American Eagle, however, remains on the front line of fashion while keeping prices low. The employees are friendly at this location, the store is always neat and tidy, and the clearance rack is always full of great finds. I high reccomend visiting if you are in need of a few staple items or want to completely revamp your closet. GREAT store!

American Eagle Outfitters in Providence, KY


By Ashley C.

This is by far the largest American Eagle that I have ever stepped foot in. They have a huge womens and mens section. Their prices are kind of high, but well worth it. They have very comfy clothes that you will just adore. Nice employees too that will do everything in their power to make you a happy customer.

American Eagle Outfitters in Schaumburg, IL


By Debbie G.

this is another of the trendy clothing stores teens today love. The selections are geared to young adults. The store itself is clean and well organized. Staff was plentiful the day we were there. Sale prices are good.

American Eagle Outfitters in Arlington, TX


By margret n.

I have always been a big fan even though prices tend to be a bit high! But they always have a great deal for you. Most of the people that work there are nice, but two sales persons that are just divine are these sweet kids Adrian and John. They are very knowledgable about what they sell and can actually sell to fit your need! John is so polite and respectable! He always goes beyond the "call of duty". And Adrian is like a great personal shopper without the fee of one! He is a life saver when I shop for my sons and husband!

American Eagle Outfitters in Houston, AK


By S G.

American Eagle has some of the trendiest and "hip" clothing on the market today for teens, with prices not too bad. The employees at this store are always friendly and help you with anything. The overall decor makes you feel right at home and they sell great body stuff and shoes as well as clothing. They recently came out with a new points card which we are excited about!However I find that the Katy mills / Memorial city / galleria stores always have better deals than this particular mall. Great for christmas gifts!

American Eagle Outfitters in Las Vegas, NM


By N S.

This is one of my favortie retailer store. I love to shop here because they always have the newest style in stock and the olds too. I have tried out their online store as well and have positive experience shopping thru there. They have a great selection of clothes, accessorties for both men and women. The staff is very nice and helpful. I would recommend everyone to shop at this store.

American Eagle Outfitters in Westminster, CA


By Jared B.

American Eagle is probably my favorite store to shop at. As a high school kid can be a little pricey. But, when i have the money (or gift cards) this is where i shop. They have a sweet selection of clothing and hats. People there are very kind and want to help where ever they can.

American Eagle Outfitters in Hicksville, NY


By Stacy M.

American Eagle generally has good clothes, a lot like Abercrombie, but cheaper, even thought I feel it has gotten pricier lately. Located in Broadway Mall, staff is always helpful.

American Eagle Outfitters in Moorestown, NJ



american eagle has good quality clothing for women and men! their store is bright and the people who work there are friendly and helpful! they are a little pricy for aomething but run some good can also be a member of their all access pass and get coupons mailed to you and special deals which helps alot!! i recommend this store to women as well as teenaged girls and boys..their clothes are in with the style and are worth the few extra bucks!!!

American Eagle Outfitters in San Diego, CA


By Tran C.

Very comfortable clothes. From laid-back comfortable jeans and sweaters to more sophisticated blazers, they have it all and although it may be a little more pricey, it's worth it.

American Eagle Outfitters in Concord, AR


By Venus C.

I like the style of clothes here at AMerican Eagle OUtfitters. I buy alot of my clothes here for my weekend wears. Their jeans has a nice fit and they have just the right lenght for my height. The store is very nice with people that are helpful and friendly

American Eagle Outfitters in Bellevue, IA


By Christie M.

I like shopping at American Eagle because the service is very friendly and not overly pushy. Everything is always clean and orderly and the lines are not usually too long.

American Eagle Outfitters in Bethesda, MD


By rachel g.

American Eagle is a pretty cool store. You can buy tops, bottoms, and accessories there. My favorite thing to get there are graphic tees, the ones that say things on them.

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