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What Insiders are Saying about American General Financial Services

American General Financial Services in Bridgewater, MA


By Jason D.

I tried doing business with this office several times because they have good consumer finance rates. They first said my application was accepted and then they never called me back. I called several times over the last few months and was always told ?oh yes we are working on that and will call you back later today?. This has happened about four times. I am not a hard to please person, I only expect the truth and a returned phone call when promised.

American General Financial Services in Oakland, CA


By C. H.

I had a loan with AMG for a couple of years .I always paid on time. I needed to refinance my loan so they also paid off my car. About a year later I had financial difficulty and after a couple months decided to turn the car in so they could sell it & reduce the loan amount. I walked in the office turned in the keys and gave them the location of the car.The employee at the counter assured me it would be picked up in 2 days.Ten days later it was never picked up because I received a parking ticket..I called them & they proceeded to lie & tell me it wasn't there when they went.I found out that they were in the middle of changing companies that pick up the cars.When I got the 1st letter from the tow company & faxed it to them and once again they assured me they were going to pick it up.3 weeks later I get a lien sale letter from the tow company & call AMG back .I get the run around & then get told they are not picking it up at all. I am at a loss for words & the district manager is no help.Now it is in the impound and has racked up over $2000.00 in charges.I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. This the worst customer service I have ever received.