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What Insiders are Saying about Anthropologie

Anthropologie in Chicago, IL


By Jeanne L.

This is a great store! They carry unique, vintage-looking women's clothing, as well as toiletries, vintage-y household items, and gift items. If you are looking for something special to complement your boring wardrobe, it's worth a visit.

Anthropologie in Denver, CO


By Paige R.

Did you know that the Cherry Creek Anthropologie has a personal shopper? I was in the store last week with a couple of friends and saw the marketing while waiting in line for the fitting rooms. This is a free service offered to their customers! You basically can call anytime to schedule an appointment. The personal shopper will get all your sizing information and outfit the dressing room for you prior to your arrival! Way to go! No more waiting! I love their clothes, but sometimes can‚??t wrap my head around putting outfits together. The gal at the register told us the personal shopper for the store would be able to help me get out of my black and grey color scheme and incorporate my current wardrobe. She also told us we could make an afternoon of it and invite a few friends to join in on the experience. They even supply the fitting rooms with snacks and beverages! I can‚??t wait to try this! What a fabulous way to shop with the girls! Stay tuned for an update!

Anthropologie in Houston, AK


By tay r.

nothing beats the quality of customer service at anthro. if what you want isn't in your size, they will find it for you at another store and have it sent to me. the manager at this location even offered to refund me the shipping when the other store wanted to charge it. (evidently different store have different shipping policies)--- i love the calm ambiance of anthro and how helpful their employees are--- it's such a good place not just for interesting pieces of clothing but for cute liftle gifts, and if you have the wallet for it, some really nice shabby-chic furniture too

Anthropologie in Las Vegas, NV


By Jessica M.

This store is a one of a kind. The items that they sell are tailored to women. They see both apparel and house wares. Every piece that they have is a one of a kind. The staff is very courteous and attentive. All around this store is a one of a kind shopping experience. It felt more like being pampered rather than spending money.

Anthropologie in Newport Beach, CA


By fusako s.

l never visit anthropologie , so l would lime to go and see what kind of cloth you have , l like to buy women's cloth in Lohmann's , they sell things so so expencive l hope that l can find nice women's cloth with good price in your place too ,

Anthropologie in New York, NY


By Angela D.

Anthropologie=amazingness! From their clothing to their decor, this store is just amazing! The staff is friendly and helpful. The dressing rooms are cute and organized. There is nothing to complain about when it comes to Anthropologie! I'm a huge fan of vintage and Anthropologie does vintage right! They are on the expensive side but the sale rack is my savior.

Anthropologie in Seattle, WA


By Jen H.

I responded to an online add announcing ‚??open interviews.‚?Ě I arrived punctually, and generally enjoyed the interview process. I fully participated in the process and gave honest, thoughtful answers to the questions posed by the manager, Anna. Outside of the group interview setting, however, Anna‚??s behavior was markedly less cordial. She asked me if I had a resume; I did, and handed it to her. She then informed me that I would also have to fill out the store‚??s application. I agreed, but requested she return my resume, if only briefly, so I would be able to verify addresses and phone numbers. At no point did she return my resume. Another applicant and I remained and completed the store‚??s application. Anna was somewhere in a back room, she hadn‚??t specified another person with whom to leave the application, and a line had formed at the cashier, making me reluctant to distract anyone behind the counter. Finally, after waiting approximately fifteen minutes, Anna reappeared. As I approached her to hand her the application, she began rapidly walking towards the exit. As I handed her the application, I again requested that it be matched with the resume I‚??d already given her. Without responding verbally, or even making eye contact, she took the application, continued walking passed me, and handed the application to another random employee, one uninvolved in the group interview. Not a further word was said to me by either. Anna‚??s behavior was pointedly rude, deeply unprofessional, and personally humiliating. I am not without various other career opportunities, but until this experience, I had always so enjoyed Anthropologie that I hoped to downshift to a part-time, fun work environment. It is entirely reasonable if, after evaluating my answers and reviewing my work experience and education, Anna decides I am not the right employee for Anthropologie. Proper etiquette in this situation would be to contact me privately and inform me you are pursing other options. Not only has Anna‚??s attitude soured me on working at Anthropologie, I will no longer be visiting that store as a customer. Perhaps she can manage basic manners only when I am spending money there. I‚??d rather not risk it, though, and there are no shortage of lovely stores in Seattle. Anna should have considered that while she might not have found me an ideal employee, as an early-thirties professional woman, I fall firmly within your core sales demographic; as do my friends and neighbors. I lack retail experience, but I am trained to argue a position. Therefore it will not be difficult at all to convince my wide social and professional network that sincere, polite customer service, general courtesy even, cannot be found reliably at your University Village location.