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Apple Store in Atlanta, GA


By Stevie K.

I went here this afternoon, Sunday, Jan.16, to purchase an iPad along with many accessories. This store was truly awesome! I was impressed & amazed at all the tables full of activated iPhones and iPads, iPods, Computers that customers could play with. The store was packed but it's in a huge shopping mall so that is to be expected. I signed in & only waited 20 minutes which gave me time to shop for accessories while waiting on a rep. He got me set up on my iPad and answered all my questions and set up apps for me and shared helpful tips with me too..Very courtesy and knowledgable of all the products. I am thrilled as can be with my new iPad and plan to sign up for the free classes! It was so much fun for me. Although an extremely busy store they get you in and out quickly while providng top end professioanlism!

Apple Store in Chestnut Hill, MA


By harry c.

A good store with good prices. Whatever you need for your mac they got it and all you need to do is ask. Everybody at that store is very nice and will help you.

Apple Store in Schaumburg, IL


By RockOrDie n.

Yea, iMacs are way too high. You can get 2PC Laptops for the price of one apple.... But the APPLES WORK!!!!!!! I got so sick of my Dell crashing... I think the Chicago store is a bit better, but this works. They walked me through all the moving of my Itunes (1,255 songs) from my Dell. downside - You better be ready to wait in line.

Apple Store in Dallas, GA


By christopher m L.

Great store! lots of people here! apple sells it self of course! I would recommend it they are helpful here and I found that the sales staff have lots of knowledge. I just bought my boys two mac's and its great they are local if I would ever need a repair..:)

Apple Store in Littleton, CO


By Julie E.

Most frustrating day I've had the displeasure of experiencing in quite awhile. One of the employees - Whitney - went OUT OF HER WAY to make life difficult for me, just because she could. I left and came back a little bit later to just get another employee to help me. No - she saw me, singled me out again! Left - waited 8 hours until I thought she'd be gone - hoping they don't work like nurses or docs in a hospital and have to pull 12 hours shifts. So at 8 pm, I go back, nice guy jason I think helped me, passed me to Jeff who was super cool and I was out of the store with my product in 15 minutes. I don't recommend though - stick with Amazon or Verizon stores - save your time. Gave 1 star in respect for the good product.

Apple Store in Houston, AK


By Laney S.

The customer service was great, but the person helping me was not as knowledgeable as he should have been. I received an IPOD touch as a gift less than a week ago and the unit was not only defective, but I could not get wi-fi anywhere except in the store. And when I tried to subscribe to other wi-fi carriers, it would ask for for an IP address, Sorry, it's not as user friendly as it looks. I'm going to be returning it this weekend and I hope that they will not charge me for the restocking fee. I don't know what all the hype is about -- it's got lots of bells and whistles, but I can't even get the weather and location to default to Houston, TX.

Apple Store in Las Vegas, NM


By Taylor C.

My brother has always been a big-time computer user, so I've gone with him to this store many a time. And ultimately, I've ended up making several purchases myself, including my iPod and the MacBook I am writing this review on. Essentially, this store is exactly what it says it is - a dealer of Apple products. There are numerous products on display, so you can see how things work before you buy them. This "hands on" approach makes this one of the best stores of its kind. The staff here are EXTREMELY knowledgable and helpful. If you've got a question and you ask a random staff member, they'll know what you want to know, nine times out of them. The one time out of ten they don't they'll find someone who does. My only real complaints are that the store isn't big enough and needs a larger staff. This store could occupy TWO suites in the mall and STILL be crowded! Be warned - due to the crowding it could take you a while to get helped. I strongly recommend making an appointment via the internet before you plan on visiting for help with your products. Overall a great store. Gonna buy an Apple product, or just need help with the ones you own? This is the place for you.

Apple Store in New York, NY


By Cara L.

If you have lived in NYC for more than a year than this Apple Store location is no stranger to you. As if 5th Avenue wasn't already fabulous on its own, with its high end boutiques wrapped around Central Park. Even general retail locations such as H&M and PINK have renovated their stores to portray a more luxurious appearance for a more upscale clientele. Upon entry into the 5th Avenue location one thing comes to mind New Yorkers beware this spot is a definite tourist trap! However, if you manage to get past the school trip groups international tourists and the crazy long line for the Genesis bar stop and take a look around at the inventory. I'll admit that the Mac book pro is a little on the pricey side in comparison to the other mainstream laptops, but having a slique unit practically free from viruses is certainly well worth the investment. I purchased a Mac Book Pearl my first time there and the staff was very helpful. I was able to complete my purchase and by pass all of what seemed to be a very hectic environment. The crowds are very well managed with as many as 20 sales associates on the floor at a time. They are easy to identify wearing bright colored t shirts and named tags and using of course an iPhone to manage the lines and pre-registered customers for laptop repair. Since then I have purchased several versions of the iPod as they are released and all of my accessories from this location. Tourist trap or not I definitely intend on returning for a new laptop.

Apple Store in Marlton, NJ


By Dorothy B.

My family needed a new computer and Apple was mentioned to me quite a few times. I walked in and was immediately met by an employee who was very helpful, explaining and showing me the computer as we spoke about what I required. I left the store with a new laptop and have since returned a few times for other equipment and even gift cards. Always a good experience

Apple Store in San Diego, CA


By shannon g.

I visited the Apple store this past weekend and it is overwhelming. Its like a kid in a candy shop. There are so many new technologies out and apple has them all displayed. They sales people are super sweet and answered all my questions.

Apple Store in Walnut Creek, CA


By Kenneth K.

It so happens they sell my brand of favorite computer. User-friendly environment. Good people, pretty knowledgeable on the basics stuff but for highly technical stuff on professional software they would recommend that you sign up for Apple ProCare and get someone who's 'trained' in those stuff.

Apple Store in Seattle, WA


By inma z.

I've purchased 3 machines and 2 ipods from this store since it opened, and the service has been going steadily downhill. Some of the clerks are ok, but some are extremely cocky, and the atmosphere honestly mostly feels like they want to tell you what you want, have you agree, purchase it, and get out of the way. Snobbery and arrogance about computers, and the consistent "trust us, it just works" mentality being taken as the gospel. Last time I purchased a machine there (macbook), I came home to install a ram upgrade and saw a white past on the memory I'd never seen before. So, the next morning, I dropped by the store to inquire as to what it was. The salesperson had the worst sales attitude I've seen in a while. He acted like I was interrupting him (when the store was empty), and was clearly not happy with having to go to the back room (SO far away...) and ask a "genius" about it. He came back and told me it was thermal compound, and completely normal. Fine I think, but I made the mistake of asking how I can verify this (I don't just automatically trust "tech" answers, in my line of work... I need to KNOW that something is what they tell me). He literally EXCLAIMED "I just did... I asked the head genius," as if I were calling him a lier. So, I explained that I manage machines for a living and had not seen this before, and wanted more information about it. He then (literally) jerked around, threw his head sideways and stomped off like my 3-year-old. He came back with a printout of a webpage, and a url where I could find information about it, and then wouldn't respond when I explained to him that I was merely trying to prevent any problems with a brand new machine, and also learn more about this (as it turns out) new thing Apple is doing with their laptop memory. Dead silence... like being silently judged. This, after spending seventeen-hundred dollars?! It would have been so easy to simply respond to the question, and tell me to have a nice day with a smile. I wasn't rude to him, and if the computer HAD been defective when new, I wanted to know... I'M the customer, after all. It was like going to a Comp USA or something. I prefer the Mac Store on 45th. I've bought two machines from them, and they are extremely helpful and courteous. I'll NEVER go back to this store. PS - turns out to have NOT been thermal compound, but a lubricant to help the memory go in the slots better the first time. Cocky, AND wrong...

Apple Store in Mclean, NE


By Amy Lyn M.

Where can I start singing the praises of Apple Computer. I absolutely love my little ibook. It is sleek and easy to operate. It has all the power of a good desktop Mac and is super easy to add components. You might find a cheaper computer made for that other type of operating environment, but you get what you pay for. For $1,200 my money votes Mac.

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