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What Insiders are Saying about Apple Store

Apple Store in Cambridge, IA


By Marisa O.

I walked into this apple store yesterday to inquire about problems with my iPhone 4g bumper refund. It was very busy so I waited in line for the woman taking reservations for the genius bar. She ignored me and took another person waiting in line. I said to her actually I have been waiting and she said fine and rolled her eyes at me. I explained to her the bumper issue and she instructed me to wait over to the right and someone would help me. So I waited for a while before I realized I would need to find someone else to help me. I have never had an issue at any apple stores until I came to this one. I was very disappointed. Also I never had my issue resolved.

Apple Store in Schaumburg, IL


By RockOrDie n.

Yea, iMacs are way too high. You can get 2PC Laptops for the price of one apple.... But the APPLES WORK!!!!!!! I got so sick of my Dell crashing... I think the Chicago store is a bit better, but this works. They walked me through all the moving of my Itunes (1,255 songs) from my Dell. downside - You better be ready to wait in line.

Apple Store in Littleton, CO


By Julie E.

Most frustrating day I've had the displeasure of experiencing in quite awhile. One of the employees - Whitney - went OUT OF HER WAY to make life difficult for me, just because she could. I left and came back a little bit later to just get another employee to help me. No - she saw me, singled me out again! Left - waited 8 hours until I thought she'd be gone - hoping they don't work like nurses or docs in a hospital and have to pull 12 hours shifts. So at 8 pm, I go back, nice guy jason I think helped me, passed me to Jeff who was super cool and I was out of the store with my product in 15 minutes. I don't recommend though - stick with Amazon or Verizon stores - save your time. Gave 1 star in respect for the good product.

Apple Store in Seattle, WA


By inma z.

I've purchased 3 machines and 2 ipods from this store since it opened, and the service has been going steadily downhill. Some of the clerks are ok, but some are extremely cocky, and the atmosphere honestly mostly feels like they want to tell you what you want, have you agree, purchase it, and get out of the way. Snobbery and arrogance about computers, and the consistent "trust us, it just works" mentality being taken as the gospel. Last time I purchased a machine there (macbook), I came home to install a ram upgrade and saw a white past on the memory I'd never seen before. So, the next morning, I dropped by the store to inquire as to what it was. The salesperson had the worst sales attitude I've seen in a while. He acted like I was interrupting him (when the store was empty), and was clearly not happy with having to go to the back room (SO far away...) and ask a "genius" about it. He came back and told me it was thermal compound, and completely normal. Fine I think, but I made the mistake of asking how I can verify this (I don't just automatically trust "tech" answers, in my line of work... I need to KNOW that something is what they tell me). He literally EXCLAIMED "I just did... I asked the head genius," as if I were calling him a lier. So, I explained that I manage machines for a living and had not seen this before, and wanted more information about it. He then (literally) jerked around, threw his head sideways and stomped off like my 3-year-old. He came back with a printout of a webpage, and a url where I could find information about it, and then wouldn't respond when I explained to him that I was merely trying to prevent any problems with a brand new machine, and also learn more about this (as it turns out) new thing Apple is doing with their laptop memory. Dead silence... like being silently judged. This, after spending seventeen-hundred dollars?! It would have been so easy to simply respond to the question, and tell me to have a nice day with a smile. I wasn't rude to him, and if the computer HAD been defective when new, I wanted to know... I'M the customer, after all. It was like going to a Comp USA or something. I prefer the Mac Store on 45th. I've bought two machines from them, and they are extremely helpful and courteous. I'll NEVER go back to this store. PS - turns out to have NOT been thermal compound, but a lubricant to help the memory go in the slots better the first time. Cocky, AND wrong...

Apple Store in Arlington, AL


By Amy V.

The staff in this Apple Computer Store, located in the Clarendon Commons in Arlington, are very friendly. They have help me with two computer purchases and also purchases of various other computer items (printers, accessories, software). They are not pushy sales people and always have what I am looking for, in stock. I would recommend this store over their Tysons Corner location.