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What Insiders are Saying about Applebee's

Applebee's in Lithonia, GA


By Brenda T.

i only come here when they do the two for one. great atmosphere and food. the appetizer tastes really good and free refills can go a long way.

Applebee's in Haverhill, IA


By Benjamin J.

Absolutely wonderful. Delicious, fresh food to die for!!!! Cheap, affordable meals.. one of the best i've had in a long time.

Applebee's in Grand Prairie, TX



When I first sent to Applebees back a few years ago, I was NOT impressed. I thought it was overrated. These folks not only have good food but ex. service. The service is quick and efficient and the wait staff is bar none.

Applebee's in Lakewood, CA


By Lade M.

Great Steaks are served here. I love how they are very family friendly. I love the TV's, they have assorted through out the building and they have great employees!

Applebee's in Houston, AK


By j. k.

Worst experience ever!! Our server was the village idiot; he got everything wrong (three times), was slower than a snail and paid absolutely no attention to us. The soup he attempted to serve me was ice cold and when I sent it back, 15 minutes later because he was too absorbed with his phone to notice me flagging him down and giving the stink eye, he tried to tell me I should have got his attention sooner; trust me, I would have thrown the soup at him if I could have. When he finally came back with the replacement soup, it was the wrong kind! When I sent that one back, he came back with another bowl of ice cold soup. I sent it back and asked for the check.

Applebee's in Las Vegas, NV


By Amanda P.

I love this applebee's. My friends and I frequent this restaurant and have never had a bad experience. It can be very busy on the weekends, but we have never waited more then 20 minutes for a table. The service is always good as well as the food. I would also recommend the applebee's on W. Craig Road.

Applebee's in Riverside, AL


By B B.

Good food. Reasonable prices. Good service. An all around fine place to dine. If you haven't tried it yet, i suggest you give it a go. They have this thing where you can order 2 plates for the price of one i believe? It was something like that. Very good.

Applebee's in Hawthorne, CA


By Danielle P.

I always enjoy going to this restaurant for great food and wonderful service. There are many menu items to choose from so you always will find something you like. Menu items range from Steaks to Roll ups and Sandwiches. They also have a great Weight Watchers Menu if that interests you. I always receive exceptional service in this Applebees. The servers and managers are courteous and the atmosphere is great along with a fantastic meal! Definitely recommended! PROS: Friendliness, Exceptional Menu Selection CONS:

Applebee's in Voorhees, NJ


By Marcella D.

When my grand kids and I go to Applebee's we get the slider meals, chicken. The atmosphere is always nice and the servers are very nice. You can get the 2 for $20 deal too. I tell everyone to go. It is reasonable.

Applebee's in Oceanside, CA


By A R.

Whiel on a trip down the coast, we stopped in this Applebees for dinner. We are on a diet and wanted everything vegetarian. Our wiater, Allen, jumped to the challenge. When we asked for vegetarian fajitas, rather than just putting in for regular fajitas, hold the meat, he came back with a list of every vegetable in the kitchen and asked what we wanted included, and also asked if we wanted the rice and beans. To top this off, he also had the kitchen make us a plate of vegetarian crudites, and charged us less than full price, since we ordered no meat. We were surprised to get such good service in a "chain" restaraunt. PROS: Attentive, above and beyond service CONS:

Applebee's in Stafford, CT


By Jessie S.

this new carside to go thing is great. you call them up, place your order, tell them what color and make your car is and you go pick up the food. then you can have a nice relaxing dinner at home. the food is very tasty, my favorite is the chicken tenders platter. the prices are very good for the quality of food you receive. the waitresses are always friendly and courteous. sometimes there is a wait but its not usually more than 25 minutes.

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