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What Insiders are Saying about Applebee's

Applebee's in South Weymouth, MA


By Mari-lynn c.

This Applebees is great. The wait staff is always attentive and willing to answer questions. The food is always served promptly and in large amounts. Gotta love those ribs.

Applebee's in Stafford, CT


By Claire L.

The two of us ordered two steaks medium rare; they came back medium WELL. Furthermore, it took us 40 minutes to receive our food. We checked our watches. You'd think that if they made us wait that long, it'd at least be cooked correctly .... And this wasn't even a busy time of the day - it was around 2 PM on a Sunday. The restaurant wasn't at all crowded; the waitresses and hostess even had enough down time to sit down and start folding silverware. Our waitress was sweet, I'll give her that. Because of her and the fact that we were starving and there'd be no point to send back a steak that was cooked too well - we just sucked it up and ate it and tipped her fairly. The experience was just so bad that I am NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN. PROS: None; our waitress was attentive, but the others seemed indifferent. CONS: The wait for the food, the quality of the food

Applebee's in Las Vegas, NV


By Amanda P.

I love this applebee's. My friends and I frequent this restaurant and have never had a bad experience. It can be very busy on the weekends, but we have never waited more then 20 minutes for a table. The service is always good as well as the food. I would also recommend the applebee's on W. Craig Road.

Applebee's in Hawthorne, CA


By Danielle P.

I always enjoy going to this restaurant for great food and wonderful service. There are many menu items to choose from so you always will find something you like. Menu items range from Steaks to Roll ups and Sandwiches. They also have a great Weight Watchers Menu if that interests you. I always receive exceptional service in this Applebees. The servers and managers are courteous and the atmosphere is great along with a fantastic meal! Definitely recommended! PROS: Friendliness, Exceptional Menu Selection CONS:

Applebee's in Bethlehem, PA


By concerned p.

This place is great. And the best thing about it is the AWESOME hostess named DONNA. She is probably the BEST hostess I have ever experienced at a chain restaurant ... always friendly, service exceptional, and just all-around awesome! She is the STAR of Applebee's!

Applebee's in Sumner, WA


By shelby r.

Restaurant is conveniently located off highway 410. The staff is extremely pleasant and upbeat. Can't ever go wrong with the oriental chicken salad! Always new entrees to try and a favorite place for my kids to eat. Great family atmosphere.

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