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What Insiders are Saying about Arco

Arco in Las Vegas, NM


By kat l.

I think they put something in their gas because whenever I buy from them my car, new, stars making weird noises. It's cheap but not worth getting a new engine or whatever. I don't want to accuse just something I noticed. I haven't been there for a while hopefully they changed the quality. PROS: cheap CONS: bad

Arco in Van Nuys, CA


By Christopher B.

I like filling up gas here. Their gas price is very cheap. They also have ampm, where you can get very affordable quick bites.

Arco in Lemon Grove, CA


By Kim S.

This particular Gas Station is almost always the cheapest in the Area. The Gas Station has islands in the center that have machines that take cash. This makes it really easy to get your gas and get out of there quickly. A friendly environment unlike many other gas stations. The gas also pumps pretty quick as well.

Arco in Palo Alto, CA


By Ben L.

I've been going here for a while since my maintenance program with the local dealer ended. It would have been prohibitive to continue to go to the dealer for standard work like oil change, brake tuning, etc. So every 5k miles or so I bring it in for service. It's walking distance from where I live which is a bonus. I haven't had any major issues, the mechanics are very upfront and responsible.

Arco in Puyallup, WA


By g.a. i.

My wife got $40.01 in gas which her receipt shows. The clerk she handed her card to charged our bank account $100! WTF???!!! The bank is handling it. However, I'd love to see the a**hole in person and tell him infront of his manager, he stole $60 from me, then laugh when the cops put his sorry ass in cuffs! Don't ever use this station, PLEASE!