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Arco in Newburyport, MA


By madeleine h.

I enjoy browsing the aisles of Eureka as much as my kids! Guaranteed to to find something for everyone!

Arco in Katy, TX


By Kristen O.

I completely disagree with anyone who says Oreck vacuums are overpriced. I have had several brands of vacuum in the last decade, and my simple, upright Oreck is the only vacuum I've found that can clean all of the different flooring in my house. When you look at the price tag, just remember that you're not just paying for the vacuum; you're paying for the vacuum and service for life. If it ever breaks, clogs, whatever... take it in, and they fix it at no extra charge. You also get free service once a year, and they go through and make sure everything's in tip top shape.

Arco in Carson, CA


By alex r.

No complaints. Had a smog check here a few weeks ago and was happy with everything. I will be coming back in the future.

Arco in Quakertown, NJ


By Marilyn G.

I have had the XL Oreck for a little over a year and I wouldn't trade it in if you offered me twice the money to return it..My wrist is fairly weak and I have no trouble operating this vacuum.I love it.!!! It does everything they say it does and it really is very strong and does the wall well also under furniture and around corners.So light weight I can pick it up and go up and down the steps with it.But Now I am looking for a second one so i don't need to go up and down the steps.Any company or family I have here to visit who try it, say they want one.Thank you ORECK for making my life easier. Marilyn Of Quakertown,PA

Arco in Palo Alto, CA


By Ben L.

I've been going here for a while since my maintenance program with the local dealer ended. It would have been prohibitive to continue to go to the dealer for standard work like oil change, brake tuning, etc. So every 5k miles or so I bring it in for service. It's walking distance from where I live which is a bonus. I haven't had any major issues, the mechanics are very upfront and responsible.

Arco in Puyallup, WA


By g.a. i.

My wife got $40.01 in gas which her receipt shows. The clerk she handed her card to charged our bank account $100! WTF???!!! The bank is handling it. However, I'd love to see the a**hole in person and tell him infront of his manager, he stole $60 from me, then laugh when the cops put his sorry ass in cuffs! Don't ever use this station, PLEASE!

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