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What Insiders are Saying about AT&T Mobility

AT&T Mobility in Roswell, GA


By Tamiya K.

This place is pretty good when it comes to customer service, or the friendliness of the staff, I should say. Sometimes, the staff doesn't quite know how to help you, and the wait can be long sometimes, but what can you do?

AT&T Mobility in Denton, GA


By Steve S.

This AT&T shop is much better than the one in the Albertson's area. Seems that is a franchise. The one on Loop 288 is an actual AT&T store. I've been there several times. You will no go unnoticed here. They take first class service of you and answer all your problems. Excellent place to be taken care of with your cell phone needs.

AT&T Mobility in Denver, CO


By Beth S.

At this AT&T store, they have a great selection of phones. If you can't seem to afford the regular payments of a phone, go for a Go phone. For unlimited text and fifteen dollars in calls, it would only be thirty five dollars. Remember its raising the bar. ;)

AT&T Mobility in Henderson, AR


By Lindsay M.

I recently moved to Henderson, and I hadn't eaten Panda Ex. in a couple of years. This was some of the best chinese I've ever had... I never would've expected it to be that good. We went around 7:00pm and it was hot and fresh and extremely tasty. I highly recommend the orange chicken.

AT&T Mobility in Short Hills, NJ


By Christina M.

For excellent, unpretentious service, be sure to see Lara Bartik at Maximillian Fur Salon in Bloomingdale's at the Mall at Short Hills. She'll provide excellent customer with her professional and friendly manner and her attention to detail.

AT&T Mobility in Wilmington, CA


By Francine O.

Great place to releave stress. They did a wonderful job. You will walk out of there so relaxed sereal and peaceful. If you need to escape from stress, this is the place to go to.

AT&T Mobility in Santa Rosa, CA


By Guy B.

I recently switched to cingular and i am very glad that i did. I got a great deal and the people there were nice too. They helped me decide which phone was best and which would be most cost good. So if u need a new phone go to this cingular

AT&T Mobility in Baltimore, MD


By Pamela P.

I went into this location with my husband anticipating buying him one phone for us to use. We even discussed prior to going in that we were only going to get one phone and not be suckered into anything. Needless to say we went in and realized very quickly it was way more economical to get two phones. With Cingular's plan that you can call any other Cingular customer for free we just couldn't pass it up. So we now have two phones and can talk all day long while he's at work without touching our minutes. Nights and weekends are free so we're very happy with our phones. PROS: Free night, weekends, and cingular to cingular CONS: It's still another monthly bill

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