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What Insiders are Saying about Bally Total Fitness

Bally Total Fitness in Duluth, GA


By Nikki G.

Bally has all the equipment and room you need, but the place just did not get me going. The staff was not that energized and the price is more than some others who have efficient employees.

Bally Total Fitness in Tinley Park, IL


By Chris W.

This is one of the cleaner, nicer Bally clubs in the south suburbs. The aerobics room has a wooden floor which is great for dancing etc. The machines are kept in good working order. There's no track or pool but plenty of cardio machines. I've never had to wait in line for a machine.

Bally Total Fitness in Orange, CA


By Karah C.

I used to attend this when it was the Spectrum; that was a QUALITY facility. Since Bally's has taken it over, it has steadily declined in amenities. The pool has been taken over most of the time by a "swim school" with little kids in the pool - peeing and such - and the pool floor needs vacuuming quite often. If you can dodge the times that the kids are there, the pool is usually available for walking in the water or swimming; it is a lap pool. It is probably still one of the better spas to attend, as I have heard others are not at all clean (ewww) . .

Bally Total Fitness in San Marcos, CA


By Kenneth D.

They closed in December 2008. The place was always full of non-paying patrons let in by the staff so it's not a surprise it closed. Absolutely NO Management!

Bally Total Fitness in South San Francisco, CA


By Viki V.

This is probably one of the best fitness centers in town. I have been a member here since 2016 and the quality of the facilities is still the same. Highly recommended.

Bally Total Fitness in Tacoma, WA


By Rebecca G.

If you want to give your self a healthy body, you should try and be a member of this fitness center. They have some cool stuffs going on every week that encourage you to stay fit.