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What Insiders are Saying about Banana Republic

Banana Republic in Boston, GA


By Timmy N.

I shop here often. Mostly i come here to buy t-shirts. Their t-shirts are good and they go different kind of style. Many kind of style to pick. So if you need t-shirts i recommended you to buy t-shirt at banana republic and i forget to tell you that their jeans are pretty nice too.

Banana Republic in Vernon Hills, IL


By Iqra A.

This store is nice for casual clothing. However, it has a very limited amount of clothing. Yet, the clothes they do have are really nice. Their summer pants are really nice and comfortable.

Banana Republic in Arlington, AL


By Aimee H.

This store has very nice clothing, but is very pricey. If you can wait for it to go on sale then you will get a much better deal. All their merchandise is very high quality, but you can get after season items at very reasonable prices if you can wait until after the rush. If you want to splurge this is a great store to get a nice outfit.

Banana Republic in Denver, CO


By Nina D.

I like this store because it's less crowded than its counterpart at Cherry Creek, although it does close earlier. The sale section and shoe section is also pretty good.

Banana Republic in Las Vegas, NV


By Jane S.

Banana Republic has the greatest clothes i have ever bought.There are not many good places to shop or expensive good name brand places. So getting the chance to wear Banana Republic clothing is amazing. The feeling of when people say "Oh, that is a cute shirt where did you get it at?" and saying Banana Republic is not only a great feeling and shows you that people think your outfit is cute but people get to know that you are serious about fashion and they better not try to compete with you when it comes to top-notch fashion. So for the many reasons; the shallow, selfish and confident ones, Banana Republic has stolen my heart and kept me an obedient customer for many years.

Banana Republic in Santa Clara, CA


By Jennifer H.

Two Words: Terrible Service. I love Banana Republic's clothes, but rarely want to spend that much money on an outfit. When I do spend the money, I expect to have decent customer service. The sales staff couldn't be found and I wasn't able to try on the dress. I ended up getting something else from Ross.

Banana Republic in Seattle, WA


By Taffy T.

The Banana Republic on Pike is one of the best stores. Maybe because its downtown Seattle but whatever the case, its worth the trip to do some shopping.

Banana Republic in Towson, MD


By Libby G.

they have the nicest most sophisticated clothing for me. I like to buy a few key items there every season that i know will last for a lifetime. the quality of the clothes is great.