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Bank of America is one of the world's largest financial institutions serving consumers, small and mid-size businesses, as well as large companies through a full range of banking and investing services at over 5,700 retail banking locations. Find Bank of America locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Bank of America

Bank of America in Canton, CT


By Eugenie R.

This kroger never seems to be over-crowded, the store is clean, the staff is helpful and the store itself is easy to navigate. The pharmacy staff are VERY helpful as well.

Bank of America in Boston, GA


By Kathleen P.

Steven Amico is the best and most honest broker I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is always full of sound advice, knows the market and the best investment options for retirement. If you need retirement planning advice, contact him. If you need stock market advice, contact him. Your investments will be safe with him for sure. PROS: Honesty and intelligence in this man. CONS: None

Bank of America in Elmhurst, IL


By Vanessa R.

This branch is no longer called La Salle Bank but is called Bank of America. It is smaller than the other branches around town. But that is what I like about it. Every time I go there I am greeted with a smile and they remember who I am every time I go back. They remember my face from thousands of customers they have. They give great and speedy service. I give it 2 thumbs up!

Bank of America in Crowley, CO


By Gary H.

First class operation. I have dealt with many banks over my career and this is genuinely one of the best groups of folks I have ever worked with. They are always hospitable, courteous and very professional. I would highly recommend this bank for both your personal banking as well as handling your business finances.

Bank of America in Houston, AK


By Elizabeth C.

I have never had a problem, and if I have, they solve it so quickly! I am a happy customer! DEFINTELY use this bank... it is awesome! Vicki, a personal officer, is so helpful and ready to assist you!!! She was even there during tropical storm Eduoard and she helped me with my financial needs RIGHT OFF THE BAT!

Bank of America in Las Vegas, NM


By N S.

I have use Bank of America for years and with my direct deposit they gave me a free checking account. It's very convenience now since I do everything online from paying my bills and transfer money. There are times I do go inside the office and everyone there is very nice and helpful. Bank of America's making my life a lot easier.

Bank of America in Huntington Beach, CA


By Tony V.

I was in the neighbor for a Student loan, so I drop by Bank of America on Edinger. The loan constantan was very nice. He explains to me thoroughly about the term and answered all my questions. They were very nice. He even jokes from time to make the process faster and easier. This is the best branches to me. Parking is great to because there are plenty to pick from.

Bank of America in Woodbridge, CA


By Nancy K.

If you are considering opening an account with BOA, just do it. Don't give it a second thought. This branch would be a great place to go to open that account. It's conveniently located, the customer service people are friendly and attentive, and the tellers are also friendly and professsional. This bank offers some of the best customer service I've ever seen at any bank. If there is ever a problem or question, they don't waste any time in helping you, and they follow up on everything to make sure you are satisfied. We are very satisfied customers! PROS: Professional, great customer service, convenient location CONS:

Bank of America in Media, PA


By janet r.

friendly people, knowledgble staff, great products, a sure winner needed for this area. lots of branches in lots of neighborhoods. i am telling all of my friends

Bank of America in Foster City, MI


By sangita g.

I like this BAC a lot. It's small and in a safe location with ATMs outside. There's always a security guard standing outside. They usually have plenty of counters open so I hardly have to wait to be served. They provide very good customer service. This branch also has vaults.

Bank of America in Mill Creek, CA


By Shannon K.

This particular location of the Bank of America has the friendliest tellers who take the time to get to know their customers, sometimes even by name. For sure this is an awesome place to take care of financial needs.

Bank of America in Springfield, AR


By R V.

I have been several times to this bank and their staff is consistent with excellent customer service. They are quick and responsive. You can actually get in and get out in just minutes and don't have to stand on line for a ridiculous time. Great job!

About Bank of America

Bank of America is the largest commercial bank in the U.S. as measured by the number of deposits. Prior to 1998, the Bank of America that exists today was known as NationsBank. In 1998, NationsBank merged with Bank of America and took the Bank of America name. Today, Bank of America is the largest issuer of credit, debt and prepaid cards in the world in addition to being the largest small business and consumer bank in the U.S.

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