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What Insiders are Saying about Bank of the West

Bank of the West in Irving, IL


By Roy G.

This is the bank that will always give you that home town feel with that friendly service and caring attitude. Try them and you might like it.

Bank of the West in Garden Grove, CA


By Sandy F.

This is a great bank. I've been with them for many years now. The tellers and managers are friendly. They know my name. We are friends. I love the small town feeling I get when I go into my bank. It's like when Norm walks into Cheers. Everyone knows you and they say hi as they see you walk by. They are just the best and they try to help in any way they can. I had a problem once because there was an error in entering my information at the main headquarters (not this branch) but they took the time and finally were able to fix the problem. They are fantastic. And so is the Irvine/Newport Beach branch.