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Bank One in Chicago, IL


By Robin Z.

To whom it may concern I would like to get a lien release from Bank One. I applied for a personal loan in 1998 and paid it off but did not get a lien release. Is there any possible way I could get one. Thank you for your time Robin Annette Zibart 6500 Mercury Dr Louisville Ky. 40291 (502)290-1050

Bank One in Dallas, TX


By candi l.

this bank has messedup my account on many occasions and have caused financial issues on may occasions. the best advice i can give is bank somewhere else. it is definitly not worth the time or the aggrivation. i will definitly shop elsewhere

Bank One in Greeley, CO


By Abby B.

I got a letter in the mail saying that bank one would give me $100 for opening a free checking account. I thought the deal was worth a shot, so I spared all of my saturday morning to go to bank one and open a checking account. After filling out a bunch of paperwork, they can't open up a checking account for me since I don't have direct deposit. They should of told me this before i filled out all the paperwork or at least told me in the letter they sent me. They wasted my time and I will never go there again. I stay away from any company that does false advertising. PROS: CONS: false advertising

Bank One in Las Vegas, NV


By Kimberly R.

Our guide was amazing and knowledgeable! We went to Zion and even though it was only a day trip it was worth it! Comfy truck, lunch was good, and the sites were amazing! Great company to work with

Bank One in Huntingdon Valley, PA


By Roger B.

This spa is wonderful. They offer facials and men's brazilian waxes.

Bank One in San Francisco, CA


By Sabine S.

If only I could give negative stars. Pink moving was pretty much sub-par and negligent in every way, and definitely not run by professionals that know a single thing about moving or packing. We hired Pink for a cross-country move. What a mistake. Pink moving, was by far THE WORST moving experience ever. We packed 75% of our things on our own in clearly labeled boxes, and set aside the rest of the items that we wanted to have packed by them. I'm not exaggerating when I say this, but drunk frat boys could have packed better than them. For example (see photos here ) - A ceramic elephant pedestal was completely shattered upon arrival because it was carelessly "wrapped" in a single thin, moving blanket. On their website, they claim to be experts in this sort of thing. Yeah, right. - Fragile items arrived in crushed boxes, even when marked "Fragile" - Misc items were simply tossed in a WARDROBE box without any packing material -- some of these items were ceramic or glass and should have at least been wrapped in paper before tossing in with other things. - Books arrived in overly stuffed, unsecured boxes, practically coming out of the box. As a professional packing service should know, books are heavy, they should not be stuffed in a box to the point where the box breaks, and potentially ruins valuable books. - When they grew tired of packing things in a box, they simply wrapped it in shrink wrap with no protection, stuck a sticker on it, then tossed it in the truck. Things like a lamp shade, a fishing pole, and box of crackers (just to name a few) were tagged individually and placed on the truck. A BOX OF CRACKERS. This seems extremely inefficient, and if this is how they were planning on "packing," it should definitely not have taken 13 hrs of time. - They didn't label ANY box with basic information like "bedroom" or "living room" as is normal packing protocol. - Many boxes were given the SAME STICKER NUMBER--it was impossible to keep track of which boxes arrived (if they even arrived) - The inventory list, which was supposed to have some detail as to what was packed, and reference the corresponding numbered box, had no detail, or if it did, it was incorrect detail. For example, a ladder was labeled as a "dog house" (we don't have dogs), and chair pieces were incorrectly accounted for. In most cases, the "detailed description" was "box" - They had to be constantly monitored--we clearly labeled the items that we did not want to pack with huge signs, and still they packed these things. I had to ask them several times to unpack the truck of these items, and each time they gave me attitude. Similarly, in doing a final walk-through of the house, I found several cabinets and drawers that they didn't pack. Completely disorganized and unprofessional. - Posters were FOLDED and stuffed in a box with other items; arrived bent & crushed. - Customer service, or the 3 people working with us, was awful. When we were ready to receive our shipment, we contacted them asking for their availability. 2 days later, we received a call telling us our shipment had left the facility and would arrive on a day when we were not in town. They never coordinated or confirmed the date with us. When we told them that they were not in town, they said that we could have it stored at an extra charge. It took us several days to resolve this error on their part, and our main point of contact never returned our calls. We actually had to call someone completely different, who was not familiar with our move, to get any assistance. - Upon arrival, we discovered we would be charged even MORE for steps that led up to our house, and any additional steps inside the house, despite our contract that said we wouldn't be charged for stairs. Apparently that was for packing only, not delivery. Sheisty. - The packers left all their trash, and discarded tape rolls at our house for me to clean. They also left their trash from the lunches we bought them, a nice touch. Absolutely unprofessional & hands down the worst moving experience of my life. We hired packers b/c we wanted to relieve some of the stress involved with packing our things, however, we have spent more time, money, stress, and energy than if we had done the move ourselves. It's as if we survived a natural disaster/fire/earthquake, not a move that we paid 10 grand for. At this point, I'm just trying to salvage anything. The only thing i regret more than using Pink is that we actually fed them and tipped them really well. And in return, they screwed us. Never again.

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