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What Insiders are Saying about Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble in Marietta, GA


By Sarah S.

Are you like me and love a good story? Well, this is the store for you! You stroll into this clean, well-organized book store, glancing right and left. They are everywhere....2 stories of them. If you can't find what you are looking for here, then the book simply hasn't been written yet. It's a great place to also take your kids. They have story reading for children ages 3-6 at 11 am. What a way to instill the love of the written word into a child. And if you just want to sit and read awhile.....there is that too. Pleanty of comfortable chairs with good lighiing. What are you waiting for? Go buy a book today!!! PROS: Plenty parking. Story hour for kids. Spacious, clean store. CONS: Sometimes the prices are a bit high.

Barnes & Noble in Naperville, IL


By Vincent M.

Perched in the heart of downtown Naperville on the corner of Chicago Ave, and Washington, just footsteps from the river, this store is a comfortable place to go and browse, grab a quick snack, or (gasp) buy books, magazines, or music. Whenever I am in Naperville I always stop by; and its the favorite of my two daughters. The atmosphere is congenial, the clerks are always friendly, and the store sits across the street from one of my favorite restaurant, The Mongolian Barbeque. <p> Parking is not an issue; the bookstore shares the block with free public parking garage with ample handicapped parking stalls. PROS: Centrally located in downtown Naperville... CONS: None

Barnes & Noble in Richardson, TX


By Denise K.

I am an avid reader, so I am always looking for the next bestseller, but Barnes and Nobles has the largest selection of different types of magazines of anybody, which makes me a happy customer.

Barnes & Noble in Lone Tree, IA


By Lisa T.

Wonderful place to kick back and sample a book or two while sipping on some starbucks coffee. Nice selection of books with a friendly staff that are ready and willing to help. Great location.

Barnes & Noble in Sugar Land, TX


By will B.

I think the only good reviews must be written by the employee's. I have been shopping there for years and have got used to the poor customer service. Infact I have got better service at Kmart and more help from homeless people than the employee's. Managment must not care as long as the numbers are ok, we should all just refuse to shop there until they fix the problem. I for one will be shopping at amazon, who's with me?

Barnes & Noble in Las Vegas, NM


By Eric B.

I love the selection at this store, since it is the largest in the valley. It is not as busy as other stores and everyone there is nice. Their bathrooms could be cleaner, as the mens rooms floor was wet all over the place.

Barnes & Noble in Encino, CA


By Diana R.

If you need a book but dont no where to find it you should try Barnes and Noble. They have a great selection of genres and they make it easy to find a book you need with there excellent service. They have spots to read before you purchase and they have cute little bookmarks and items for purchase too. I definitely reccommend them to anyone who needs any kind of book.

Barnes & Noble in Freehold, NJ


By marium s.

Always a place to sit and read or study. Have a coffee shop so its right there at your convenience! Family friendly for sure.

Barnes & Noble in Oceanside, CA


By Jack D.

Good and bad here. Good: cafe has excellent drinks and a friendly staff (guys, if you can , come on the weekend --you'll meet Erica who is stunningly beautiful and nice.) They have a fairly wide selection of books/magazines/newspapers. Most of the customer service staff are competent and will help you find a book. Bad: often they don't have enough people at the customer service desk so you may have to wait a while Bathrooms are dirty every time I've been there, part of the reason I stopped going there. Too much pressure in music store. I don't like being asked right away if I need help. Overall, adequate, not great, if Borders hadn't gone out of business I I would go there instead

Barnes & Noble in San Mateo, CA


By Stacy M.

I love going to the Barnes & Noble in San Mateo. It is very cozy and cute. I've gone with friends just to go inside, get a drink from Starbucks and sit and read magazines! We didn't even buy anything and no one harrassed us! It is a cute place to chill out and read. PROS: Clean, welcoming, sells starbucks CONS:

Barnes & Noble in Silverdale, WA


By Cinnamon H.

Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite book stores. It almost always had what I am looking for. It is always clean and well lit. There is a coffee shop there with good coffee. The prices are good and its a great place to get gifts. I have always had good customer service. I could hang out at Barnes & Nobles all the time.

Barnes & Noble in Bethesda, MD


By Mona E.

B&N is in an excellent location. My experience has been positive both as a customer and an employee. Customer service is #1. You can spend hours browsing the thousands of titles which are clearly marked by category. Don't forget to visit the Cafe, Music and Kids especially on Sat. A.M. for story time.

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