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Bath and Body Works has succeeded in creating easy-to-use personal care products and offers fragrant indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles and accessories. Find Bath & Body Works locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works in Peachtree City, GA


By Devonia C.

During the Christmas season I was at a loss for some extra and last minute gifts. I went shopping with my daughter. She said mom, I want to go to this Bath & Body works store. I had never been before. I loved it all. And the wonderful fragrances smelled so good. I bought five of the foam soaps in the pump bottle and five of the regular soaps in the pump bottle. I gave one of each as a set for gifts for Christmas. I even gave some to my post lady and Avon lady. I received many thank you notes for the wonderful gifts. All said, how wonderful their hands and bathroom smelled from the soap and I kept some for myself. Now I'm hooked on Bath & Body works. PROS: Great long lasting products CONS: A bit pricey

Bath & Body Works in Manchester, CA


By Coreen D.

Bath and Body Works is a nice smelly place. They have a lot of smelly items there. Soaps, lotions all kinds of smelly things. The staff is nice and friendly.

Bath & Body Works in River Grove, IL


By Beverly B.

Not a really big store but a great assortment of bath products. It seems like they are always adding new items and frasgrances. There's always some sale going on so that makes it more enticing. Salepeople are fiendly and extremely helpfull. I just love this store especially when they had their cherry blossom event. The store looked absolutely beautiful. PROS: Everything CONS: none

Bath & Body Works in Arlington, AL


By Josie D.

The products are fantastic. It smells so nice in the store and the workers are always kind. The products are costly unless you visit them during their semi-annual clearance. I love it!

Bath & Body Works in Littleton, CO


By Erika B.

This is the best Bath & Body works I've been to. I love the staff here - they are unpretentious and never pushy. They have a good selection and frequent sales and even though the prices are more expensive than soap or lotion at the drug store, if you're shopping here you're looking to get lovely scents and a bit of pampering - and they deliver. PROS: yummy scents CONS: none

Bath & Body Works in Las Vegas, NM


By Morgan E.

From the moment youi walk in you feel so pampered from the staff talking to you to the invigorating smells. I can't even tell you which one is my favorite because I don't know. I have to say my favorite item is the sugar scrub but becareful because the oil gets in the bath water and makes your tub slippery.

Bath & Body Works in Philadelphia, MO


By lauren s.

I love bath and body works! The soaps are great becuase they smell great, and get the job done! Everything is also fairly priced, and the people are very nice. ENjoy!

Bath & Body Works in Cupertino, CA


By priya v.

I had never been to this store until I got a bottle of body lotion from my sister as a gift oen holiday season. I loved it and to this day I go back to this store to buy the exact same thing everytime. The Sweet pea body lotion is my favorite. Customer service is excellent and the whole place smells so good :-).

Bath & Body Works in Reston, VA


By Diane D.

When all else fails on buying the right gift for a friend i can always count on Bath & Body Works. The staff is always friendly & helpful, the selection top notch and there is always plenty of stock to pick from. This is my favorite store.