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What Insiders are Saying about Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond in Atlanta, GA


By Khalil J.

Sheets are sheets, right? Pillows are pillows, and as long as you lie on it or pull it over yourself when you sleep, you're good to go, right? That's what I thought before I had to help a friend restock his apartment post-college. Luckily, we found Bed Bath & Beyond at Perimeter. In the past, I've been disenchanted with the huge stores like these. Why not save some time and go to Target or Wal-Mart, right? Well, these people do one thing, and they do it right. Their assistant manager (whose name unfortunately escapes me) deserves some sort of medal. First of all, neither of us knew the size of my friend's bed. I had to describe the shape using my arms as measurements. Then, the assistant manager had to take us through several aisles while we went through what kind of sheets he'd need. After that, he reminded us that we would probably need mattress liners (yeah, I had no idea you need a liner between your bottom sheet and the mattress, go fig) and even pointed us to the cheaper sheets in case he didn't want to splurge on the larger thread counts (again, I had no idea what the difference was). Don't waste your time at other BBB's. Stick with this one--it's well worth the trip. PROS: Informative, helpful staff that assists you in pretty much everything. CONS: Your face will resemble a deer caught in headlights if you don't get help.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Boston, GA


By Carol A.

T ake your time to walk through this store and you will find deals for everything bedding,curtains, candles, prints, frames and a litany of other items. Choose wisely, just try not to go when the college students are coming. The parking is quite convenient including underground.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Schaumburg, IL


By Val C.

Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place for things to decorate your home. They have so much of everything and the prices there are really good. The store is pretty big, but the friendly service will help you find whatever you need.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Watauga, SD


By Carla M.

Bed Bath and Beyond has a great selection of reasonably priced kitchen and bath products. This is a great one stop shopping if you are furnishing a new home or a dorm room. If you get on their mailing list, you will receive 20% coupons in the mail each month. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Littleton, CO


By Abby P.

This place is so cool. They have the neatest things to put in your bedroom and bathroom. You will be the envy of all your friends. There items are very affordable.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Pasadena, CA


By Kim J.

I love this store. If you can't find it anywhere else they will have it. I can find containers for everything I need here. Get on the mailing list and you will receive coupons to use on your purchases. Staff very helpful at finding thing on a registry. Prices are pretty good and store is clean. PROS: Price, clean, helpful staff CONS:

Bed Bath & Beyond in Las Vegas, NM


By Amanda P.

I have been to this store many times and every time I go I am impressed. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The store is well organized and very neat. I have never had a problem finding what I wanted. Also, the bridal registry is awesome. You can also shop online and have it sent to your home. The store on Rainbow is okay, but I don't feel it is as nice as the one on Charleston. Bed bath and beyond is the only home store in my book.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Stevenson Ranch, CA


By Devin M.

I used to work at Bed Bath and Beyond and got well acquainted with the store. The management appears genuinely interested in satsifying the customers. The store is layed out nicely and the employees are curteous and helpful in pointing you to your destination. Prices may be a little high, but discount coupons come in the mail to be applied to any shopping trip there for previous customers.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Newton, AL


By Tasha D.

I know there are a lot of shoplifters out there, but these people watch you like a hawk! I love going there and it doesn't stop me, but it is annoying. The cashiers are friendly and have a huge selection, I could spend a ton of money there! They also don't give you a hasstle about coupons which I like!

Bed Bath & Beyond in Wynnewood, OK


By mildred v.

I am very satisfied with all products. I find the fragrances are so relaxing, they smell so good. Everybody that knows me knows how much I love Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bed Bath & Beyond in San Diego, CA


By maiya t.

this store has almost every item you can possibly think of. It is suer big, and has everything from snacks to furniture and bedding. I love going here, and a tip for your guys: use the 20% off coupons they send in the mail (i get one almost every 2 weeks) this makes this store a bargain!! PROS: 20% off coupon, lots of variety CONS: nothing

Bed Bath & Beyond in Pleasant Hill, CA


By Cindy B.

Here's a bridal horror story with a happy ending for you. Two friends' purchases from our BB&B registry were shipped to our old address because I forgot to update our registry after we moved. I contacted BB&B customer service and was given delivery confirmation (for December and February deliveries) from BB&B and UPS. When confronted by one of our old neighbors, the new tenants admitted to taking possession of the items but did not turn over anything to our neighbor. The items were returned two days later in an old moving box, devoid of gift wrap, boxes, or gift card. Everything was in bubble wrap and newspaper! After contacting customer service at BB&B with this information and pictures of how we had received the items, we were told to take everything to our local BB&B. Once there, I explained everything to the manager who happily placed orders to have the items replaced... no questions asked! This type of customer service is exactly why I used BB&B for our wedding registry. It's also the type of customer service that will keep me coming back again and again. Kudos to you all!!

Bed Bath & Beyond in Auburn, AL


By Megan J.

I always end up spending way too much time in this store. They ave a great selections for all areas of your home. The staff is very helpful and they are reasonably priced.

Bed Bath & Beyond in Stafford, CT


By Jessie S.

this particular bed, bath, and beyond lives up to its name. The employees at this store go above and beyond for their customers. Recently I went to this store looking for one particular item. I had trouble locating the item so I asked an associate for help, well, the associate also had trouble finding it. The young lady and I searched for at least 10 minutes all around the store. I was very impressed that she didn't do like most employees would and tell me she didn't know right away or look for 10 seconds and then give up. In the end, I did find what i was looking for and i gave that special employee and glowing review for her manager.

About Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is headquartered in Union, New Jersey and operates a chain of retail stores focusing on medium to high quality merchandise for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

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