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What Insiders are Saying about Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's in Lakewood, CA


By Kelly B.

Service is always great and the ice cream is, of course, extraordinary! We get kiddie portions every time.

Ben & Jerry's in Houston, AK


By Monica L.

They have a great selections of ice cream flavor. This is my family favorite place to go for dessert. It is very clean and the staff is very friendly. The price is a little high for ice cream but it is very worth it.

Ben & Jerry's in Fullerton, CA


By Christopher D.

Totally not worht the price. Just too expensive for ice cream when there are soo many substitutes. Just a little ridiculous if you ask me. Tasty but not worht it.

Ben & Jerry's in New York, NY


By Maria S.

The sweet potato chips are absolutely perfect. The beer selection is world-wide. If you get there early, you will avoid the crowd. Seven screens for the sport fans. Neighbourly and pleasant. Unpretentious with excellent service.

Ben & Jerry's in Washington, AR


By Julia M.

I went with a group of girls, one of whom is allergic to peanuts. She ordered chocolate mint ice cream. It had a peanut in it and when I went back to complain they responded that all their ice cream has peanuts. After calling the national firm they indicated that, of course, this establishment was wrong. The national office sent free coupons, the local establishment offerred nothing, although they did give a refund after I asked for one.