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What Insiders are Saying about Ben Bridge

Ben Bridge in Arlington, AL


By Aimee H.

They carry some of the most bright and beautiful diamonds I have ever seen. They do seem to have higher prices, but the diamonds seem to be a much higher quality than most jewelers. I was very pleased with the selection and quality of jewelry. They carry some very expensive watches also.

Ben Bridge in Las Vegas, NM


By Sarah M.

When I got married we looked EVERYWHERE for my husbands wedding ring. It seemed like all the jewelry stores had the SAME stuff. We walked into Ben Bridge and found the RING no other store had. It was gorgeous a bit pricey but worth the money. The service was wonderful we go back to them for all of our jewelry needs. If you are looking for something different then ALL the other stores check this store out. PROS: good selection, good customer service, easy location CONS: Pricey

Ben Bridge in Glendale, AZ


By Jill K.

This is a great jewelry store. I'm not sure how the pricing compares to other jewelers, but the quality of the items is great. I've browsed in here with my parents, and the selection is great. They've got tons of different jems to choose from and huge selection of wedding/engagement rings and bands. My parents love to buy jewelery from this store and seem to enjoy the customer service you get even after your purchase (ie jewelry cleanings). I just got a necklace from here that was gorgeous.

Ben Bridge in San Diego, CA


By juanzuo z.

I often go to this store, and bought some good quality clothes for my son. Sometimes they have pretty good deals when they are on sale. However, most stuff are a bit expensive if they are not on sale at all.

Ben Bridge in Santa Clara, CA


By Frank C.

My friend took his watch to Ben Bridge Jeweler and was very satisfied with their services. They did a fast and efficient job and the prices were very reasonable.