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What Insiders are Saying about Benetton

Benetton in Atlanta, GA


By Debbie J.

l regained my appetite after step by step guideline with One on One Nutrition. They are so wonderful.

Benetton in Boston, GA


By Emily S.

When I look for clothes I"m going to drop some cash on, I don't want to be "sold" things. I want help getting things in my size, and to be rung up. Unfortunatly, the staff at Benetton has the urge to sell! sell! sell! that frightens me away, at least. Despite that scare, though, the clothes are great and cut well- European-style and close to the body. Its a nice change from American peasant skirts and flowy fabrics.

Benetton in Oak Park, CA


By Elicia A.

When it comes to clothes I am normally a bargain hunter and I really do begrudge parting with a lot of my money for just one piece of clothing. But with this store I dont mind at all. Their clothes are of the highest quality. Their prices are expensive for their clothing and accessories. But with Benettons clothes they last a long long time no matter how many times you wear and wash them. The same goes for their accessories with their durability. This store is highly recommended.

Benetton in Brooklyn, AL


By Nancy K.

I'm not impressed by this store, or by any Benetton store, honestly. I don't see anything different or unique in their clothing. Some of it is really nice, but it still looks like it could be from the Gap, Old Navy, anywhere, really, so I don't see the point in paying $130 for a Benetton skirt or $70 for a shirt . Some of the styles are over-the-top, too--the kind you'd only see on runways because real people wouldn't wear them. I guess if you want to pay the price to have the Benetton label, then it's for you. I have been in this store exactly two times, and on those two occasions, the salesgirls succeeded in making me feel uncomfortable--like I didn't belong there. And I won't be going back.

Benetton in San Francisco, CA


By Mary C.

I use to come to this shop when it was at stonestown years ago. They still have the same concept as the early years. They have confortable cotton clothing that I would wear to layer. Other than that, I don't really find anything exciting at this store.