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What Insiders are Saying about Big Lots

Big Lots in Acworth, GA


By zachary v.

Big Lots has to be the most convienent store to get the things i need at an affordable price. they get things done efficiently where i live, and im always satisfied with my purchase...go here to shop.

Big Lots in Danvers, IL


By Melissa M.

Well I ,must say i love looking thru their weekly sales ads. They always have way cheaper prices than even walmart. Their sales staff are always friendly and helpful. The quality of their products are high class. The store is organized well and never any clutter around. The floors are always clean and the parking lot is awesome. I love this store and love the items they sell.

Big Lots in Calumet City, IL


By Lori W.

This store is a really great store to shop in. They have lots to choose from. From seasonal items to Furniture. At great prices too. The store is very clean and very organized. The bathroom are always clean. The return policy is great. The customer service is great to shop with.

Big Lots in Dallas, GA


By Maggie P.

wonderful selection of products. great prices. very organized and easy to find what you want when you want it. check out their ad in your mail circulars and im sure they have what you are looking for.

Big Lots in Aurora, CO


By Stacey F.

This store has a great selection of items although it can be somewhat messy sometimes. The staff is ambivolent to being at work much less helping customers. I usually find what I am looking for and don't wait too long in line. PROS: Location, Selection CONS: Staff

Big Lots in Katy, TX


By Cuong T.

Big Lots is a great place with amazing prices. They bought the old Randall's building. Everything they sell here is at closeout prices and on top of that they have occasional discounts. My favorite is that they are right across the street from me whenever I need cheap stuff.

Big Lots in Las Vegas, NM


By Jewel B.

Anyone who doesn't know there is a BIG LOT store or who doesn't shop there is really missing out on wonderful savings on many things. I have just purchased auto seat covers that would have cost 25.95 elsewhere and I paid 5.99 each. I bought everyone beautiful watches for Christmas last year and I had a long lit. they were either 8.00 or 10. each. Beautiful throws for 15.00, cutlery sets for 5.00 each. The throw rugs are thicker and nicer than you can get anywhere else for 8.00 to 10.00. I could go on and on about the savings on nice and familiar brand name things I have purchased there. If you don't know where there is a BIG LOT in your area and you have an internet - look it up on there. Also, every once in a while they send out small catalogue which I always love get. Today, I meant to get a double set of home phones at a savings of more that 20.00 each set. I saw the higher price in another local store. Unfortunately I forgot to look for themit as I made so many other purchases. When you shop there you will automatically receive a catalogue. When you get it, hurry to BIG LOTS because otherwise you will be too late for the item you may want. You won't find nicer personel than in this store. GO BIG LOTS! Julie

Big Lots in Huntington Beach, CA


By OC D.

this is a great big lot. very clean and very good customer service. they have plenty of parking, and they have great deals as usual. looks like they are doing construction at this center because it looks very nice now. I always go to this big lots, and continue to go back.

Big Lots in Clifton, AZ


By Andre T.

Decent discount store, along the level of a Family Dollar or Deals. Anyone paying full price for your basic household staples are suckers of the highest order. Plenty of brand names are here, so if you like your bubbles scrubbing, and need some basic groceries too, this might fast become a favorite. I would not recommend any furniture in here, and as luck would have it, there is a Dollar Tree next door, so Big Lots actually may get their prices beat on quite a few fronts. Its nice to park your car once and get both establishments to kill a morning in, and then there's a pizza joint, a real one, along that strip too, to grab an early lunch. I'm about due for a revisit.

Big Lots in Clementon, NJ


By Dawn O.

I shop Big Lots of Clementon & Glassboro, NJ. They are both terrific! Pleanty of daily bargains on name brand toys, linens, cosmetics and foods. Their book selection is super and the prices are great, make terrific gifts too. I stop in often and they are always getting in something new. The staff at Clementon is really great about putting something aside for you to come pick up the next day. AWESOME Customer Service! Keep up the good work. A LOYAL CUSTOMER!

Big Lots in San Diego, CA


By Julia L.

If you have never popped into this store, you NEED TO! There are excellent deals to be found! You never know what you're going to find when you go in. They have everything from groceries, arts & crafts, outdoor, furniture to toys, garden, and so MUCH MORE! I have found some products that sell for almost 6 times the price in other stores. You will find that this store is well worth the visit!

Big Lots in San Francisco, CA


By Mary E.

You can get some great buys in this store - they have household goods - seasonal merchandise - food stuff - picture frames - school supplies - etc. - the store is kind of crowded and messy - the staff is helpful.

Big Lots in Bremerton, WA


By tammi b.

For the low income families this store is such a blessing. The deals you can find is awesome. The stock on hand they have is huge. The people that work there are very nice also.

Big Lots in Eldersburg, MD


By Mary L.

I love shopping here. It has everything from furniture to food and everyhing is reasonably priced. It's very roomy and well lit. The aisles are clear so you can maneuver well with a cart. I save so much money shopping here, but the best part is just browsing.

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