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What Insiders are Saying about Blimpie

Blimpie in Arlington, TX


By Anthony R.

I really like Blimpies sandwiches shop. The meats in here are excellent, my favorite is either the roast beef sub or the turkey sub with american cheese. There are many vegetables to choose some, so you can have it made the way that you like it. It less than $5 for a six in sandwich in here. they cut their meats really thin which I really like. The owners of this particular location are really nice people who pride themselves on good service.

Blimpie in Bergenfield, NJ


By Andre T.

I rate this satisfactory because it is just like Subway, and if you enter these places, you have decided you are going to accept the strict portion control measures they employ. This location is identical to the one I've been to in Lodi. One distinguishing factor that separates Blimpie's from Subways is the attendant slices the meat you order for your sandwich. That is supposed to remind you of a real deli. I must admit, years ago, when I lived and worked in Manhattan and Brooklyn, that move meant that the server COULD slice a couple extra slices if the mood strikes. It sure beat the pre sliced portions that are laid out ( and maybe even inventoried!) that gave the Subway server no options. The Blimpie's server MIGHT make a couple extra passes with the slicer if it was for a friend, or a pretty woman, or maybe even if, like me, you were of stout enough stature that they didn't want any complaints. Do fat people get the benefit of a heavier server's hand in those situations? Is it assumed we are naturally hungier? Maybe they would keep an eye on us at the buffet restaurants, but any advantage I thought that might have held in years past, or in NYC neighborhoods is long gone. You are likely to get the same one layer of deli meat and of cheese, with a little overlap, and then generous mounds of shredded lettuce and other toppings of your choosing. Maybe if it's ham and salami, AND turkey, you may get a layer of each, but those slices will be so thin, they'll be downright translucent! They take pride in the quality of the bread and all, and that's fine, but the bottom line is that any deli, and I mean ANY full service deli, no matter if it's authentically Italian, Jewish, or various other ethnicity - all of them make a more meaty sub than these chain places, for very close to the same pricing. In fact, I was headed into this location just recently, because i wanted a quick lunch for a family outing, and at the last minute I decided to go next door to the pizza place. Most pizza places also make decent subs, and I got much meatier sandwiches from there. That reminds me: I owe them a decent review. So try any Blimpies or Subway if you want, but know that you are settling for the great advertising lure of the corporate franchising market.