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BMW in Boston, GA


By Kristen G.

A little bit higher priced for sneakers, but if you like Puma's style, this place is great. There is an awesome variety of shoes as well, not just one stlye of sneaker. My favorite thing about their products are the bright and bold colors. There are also other great products besides shoes such as purses and clothing.

BMW in Denver, CO


By Jane H.

This is a fun and funky place to look for a special gift. They have a variety of decorative items, purses, sationery, and very creative gifts for kids. Their aprons are darling! A must-see on Old South Gaylord.

BMW in Long Beach, CA



I'm a sales rep and do business with Beme. Linda is a great friend and a good account. Today, (Nov.1), i had an appointment with Linda and my briefcase was either stolen or "left behind". ALL of my work is inside the briefcase! The bag itself is not worth much nor are the contents... it's just got my work in it!! if any of you out in cyberspace were in the area today and have any 411 regarding a brown leather briefcase (flames), i will happily reward you with $100 cash. no ?'s asked. mario pasillas

BMW in Princeton, NJ


By Jason G.

Been here 2-3 times and every time it is great. Located right inside the Westin Forrestal. You pay for it, though, so expect to spend $30-40 per person for dinner. Worth it, though.

BMW in Bellevue, IA


By Sue D.

If you love Puma shoes, try out the Puma store. I was amazed. I love their shoes so to see that they actually have a store was great.

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