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What Insiders are Saying about Borders

Borders in Austell, GA


By Susan B.

This bookstore has a very helpful staff and are very accommodating in finding hard to find titles. Whenever I have needed certain music from overseas they have been more than willing to find it and get to me very quickly and notify me as soon as it arrives.

Borders in Kingston, AR


By norma s.

You have everything here. A cafe where you can sit and have a cup of jo and some nice pastry while you rest from a day of shopping. I know many people go there on their break who work at this Mall. It" nice and quiet. Every time I need some hard to find music for my husband this is where I head. The staff is always helpful finding whatever you need. If they don't have it they will order it for you. By joining their club you get discounts also special prices on certain books and cds for club members only. I will say they can be high for the music but with coupons and my Borders card I do better than any place else.

Borders in Lewisville, AR


By Deanna L.

This is one of my favorite bookstores to buy children's books for gifts, because the selection in the Clearance books has been varied, good quality, and good prices. This store is a bit difficult to find the first time there, but worth the trouble. When I needed help finding a book for myself, the sales clerks were helpful and friendly. A friend and I have gone there on several occasions, gotten coffee, looked over books we considered buying , and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere.

Borders in Greeley, CO


By Janna Y.

Great bookstore with a wide selection. My daughter also likes to go and browse the children's section. I always make a stop at the coffee shop on the way out. They have outstanding lattes and desserts to choose from. If they don't have a book you are looking for, they are always happy to order it in.

Borders in Henderson, AR


By Taylor C.

I used to love going to Borders not only because of the superb book selection, but also because they had a fine selection of fair-priced music and obscure movies, including Criterion Collection titles. So why did this store STOP CARRYING MUSIC AND MOVIES!? As a Henderson resident this is the only Borders that is even remotely close to my house. Half the reason I go to the store no longer exists. The only movies and music the store carries now are the occasional new release/reissue. And why do they insist on moving everything in the store around every few months? This makes visits to the store extremely confusing and longer than they need to be. Go the extra few miles to the Town Square location, since they still carry most of the music/movie stuff (at least they did last time I was there.)

Borders in Valencia, CA


By Hal R.

this place is great for the entire family beacuse there are books of all sorts for all ages. There is even music and a small cafe where you can relax.

Borders in Bryn Mawr, PA


By Lara A.

I love the Rosemont Borders! It is a home away from home. They have great hot chocolate and carrot cake and are very friendly. It is a great place to hang out and meet friends for "Coffee Talk"!

Borders in San Diego, CA


By april f.

HUge and with a great selection of books, music and video. The cafe is new and beautiful, coffee and food great! The kids center is huge and fun for my son. They also have reading time on tuesday mornings for the little ones. This is one of my favorite places to just relax!

Borders in San Francisco, CA


By monkeybones j.

Great selection, Nice people,Great assistance. I loved going to this book store sadly I have only been there once though but would love to go back.The environment there is very relaxing.

Borders in Federal Way, WA


By Deborah m.

i got to listen to Cd's that were new releases and then on the other side of the room were all kinds of books from philosophical books to children's bed time stories. The store is huge and has great customer service. It doesn't take that long to find what your looking for either. The books are sold at reasonable prices. I would recommend this place to people who want to find a new book or just want a place to do their homework. For coffee lovers Seattle's best coffee is the place to hangout in borders, while reading your brand new book.

Borders in Manassas, VA


By Mary C.

I can easily spend an hour or so in this place just looking through books. Totally a wonderful place if you like books. Their coffee shop has great drinks and great snaks. Their children section is wonderful and just about everything you need in their cd section. Great, clean wonderful store! PROS: It has everything! Friendly staff too. CONS: