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Brookstone is a nationwide retailer specializing in gadgetry and creative and unique designs not widely available in other retail stores. Find Brookstone locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Brookstone

Brookstone in Buford, GA


By Amy F.

This store has the neatest gadgets. There is something for everyone at this store. If you are looking for a unique gift this the store for you. They often have sales going on during certain holidays. The staff is very friendly and helpful

Brookstone in Boston, MA


By Beth B.

This is the best Brookstone that I've ever gone to. We went in to just look around saw that they sold Hammock stands so asked some questions - they were very helpful with giving us the info we needed. We decided to buy it. One of the guys who worked there put the Hammock stand on a hand truck and said he'd push it all the way to our car...4 blocks away!! I was shocked that he was actually willing to do this.

Brookstone in Oak Brook, IL


By T. T.

Brookstone is a store where you can find almost anything you need to spruce up your home or yard. They have everything from mattresses to exercise equipment to full-sized arcade games. They are a little expensive, but actually not too bad considering the things you can buy from there.

Brookstone in Fort Worth, TX


By Patrick H.

I like to shop and browse here to see what is new. They have unique products that could be great gift ideas. They offer a lot of comfort type products such as massage chairs, pillows, bedding, and also a lot of unique items that no one else carries. It is fun to see what all they have. The prices are average, but the products are generally high quality.

Brookstone in Houston, AK


By L. R.

Excellent shop for the finest assortment of gifts. Perfect for that hard to find person on your list. Everything you could want to find for the common to the most unusual gift.

Brookstone in Sherman Oaks, CA


By Vivian V.

Simply a wonderful store with a wide selection of massagers and speakers. Everything that you coulld possible need no matter who you are or how much you make

Brookstone in Paramus, NJ


By Amy W.

Paramus Park mall is one of a few malls in Paramus. I love it because it is not huge like Garden state mall but still offers a wide variety of stores. Among my favorites is Yankee Candle and Build a Bear. It also has some of the larger "anchor" stores like Macy's, Old Navy, and Sears. This mall also offers one of my favorite restaurants- Bensi's. Fantastic Italian (i suggest the Pizza or the meatball Parmesan hero as two of my favorites). There is a play area outside the Lego stores for the kids to play in. And in the center of the mall near the food court (which is upstairs) there is a new little fountain/pool where they sometimes have remote control boats being demoed near the holidays. Parking is pretty good and you are never really too far away. And this mall is quieter then garden state which I find very appealing.

Brookstone in San Diego, CA


By Justin B.

This is unlike any place I have ever been to. The gadets they have are really cool. They have massagers for every part of the body and you can even try them out in the store. They also have to coolest clocks I ahve ever seen. This is just the coolest store I have ever been to with the most unique merchendise ever.

Brookstone in San Francisco, CA


By Philip W.

this place has a lot of cool toys. the staff is nice, and the place isn't dirty. the gadgets are always in stock and it is easy to find acess to a store clerk. highly recommend!

Brookstone in Alexandria, VA


By Kathy (3-Scott) H.

Brookstone offers you a hands on approach to shopping. It offers many interesting and unique items. I am always amazed at what is there. The prices seem very reasonable. I highly recommend it. It is a store you must see.