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What Insiders are Saying about Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings in Saugus, MA


By Kimberly P.

Great for getting professional family portraits. The staff was very professional and organized. They really know what they are doing and the end result was great pictures.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Brooklyn, NY


By Scott M.

Bww is a cool place to eat some wings and drink some beers. This is not a five star fancy restaurant, so of course the service is not going to be all that. The place gets pretty crowded on big nights. For example on tues and thurs they have discounts for their traditional wings and boneless wings. So sometimes the servers are running around trying to please everybody. So if us the customer can understand that then this place is not as bad as people see it. We just have to be patient and have fun. Also when theirs a big game on it also tends to get busy so again if you want fast food and service do not go to Bww, go to McDonalds. Its right down stairs from Bww.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Nottingham, MD


By Sandra S.

We were new to the area and found Buffalo Wild Wings in the phone book, With how much my family loves wings (we're addicted) we decided to try them out. Now they will forever be main place we get our wings from. They are definately habit forming!