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What Insiders are Saying about Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory in Glenview, IL


By Pishi B.

I had always thought this place was only for coat purchasing. But I was surprised when I went into this store and found so many great bargains on home furnshings, clothes, and shoes. This store is really well kept and the customer service is great!!

Burlington Coat Factory in Grapevine, AR


By hugh s.

i love this store end of story i just dont want anybody going there because its my store lol bt overall its a awesome store things could look a lil better but hey people shop 24/7 so its hard to keep a store in tact but i am a happy customer everytime i walk in and out! just let me get some discounts lol and ill really b there all the time!... *Over and Out*

Burlington Coat Factory in Houston, AK


By Bonnie T.

Burlington Coat Factory would not be a bad place to shop if the employees were a little friendlier. The store did not have any carts and when I asked an employee for one they stood there looking at me with my arms full and said they didn't have any. This was despite the fact that they had a shopping cart with one item in it stocking the shelves. When I needed a CARRY OUT I had to ASK for one. I know they deal with a lot from customers but this is their job. CUSTOMER SERVICE. I guess they weren't explained that when they were hired !!!!!

Burlington Coat Factory in Henderson, AR


By Peggy E.

Great variety store. Packed full of men and women's clothing, children's clothing, and an awesome baby department. Also included is a bedding department, housewares, and a great show department. Too much to list; so much to buy.

Burlington Coat Factory in La Mesa, CA


By Return C.

I was in your store February 14th late that evening and it was very busy people all over the place. I could hardly move through the store but I was amaze by how professional the staff was even though the store was trash and the lines were long I felt that it was a pleasant shopping experience. Even with today economy and people are spending less your sales and bargains are half the reason I shop there. The other half is the staff they work very hard. I know I could have told the manager on duty at the time but she was very busy and I wanted to let you guys know myself and if you can say thanks you to them from me for there hard work. Sign: Return Customer

Burlington Coat Factory in San Francisco, CA


By Charles L.

I've shopped different Burlingtons all over the bay area and by far this has the greatest selections of top name brands. I just bought a cashmere sportscoat and paid $179 only for it. They also have a very wide selections of suits (Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, etc. priced at around $200). If your into the Ed Hardy, True Religion, etc, that is there too!.

Burlington Coat Factory in Annapolis, CA


By Eleanor F.

This is a great store to shop for clothing and baby products.They have great prices and a great selection of merchandise. They also have a baby registry for all your shopping needs when it comes to baby showers.