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What Insiders are Saying about California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen in Boston, GA


By T C.

The service was slow but the pizza was delicious and enough for 2. My mom got a salad and it was a good portion size as well. Definitely recommend the Pear & Gorgonzola pizza!

California Pizza Kitchen in Chicago, IL


By Muneera I.

My absolute favorite! the tostada pizza leaves your taste buds savoring the flavor and screaming for more! the beverages are exquisite and the meals affordable! a great place to go to for lunch or even dinner!

California Pizza Kitchen in Dallas, GA


By David F.

Plenty of unique pizza topping choices as this is the epitome of California coolness ... even if some of it makes you wonder who thought of that combination. The Asian salad is great and famous BBQ Chicken pizza is certainly worth every penny. Not necessarily cheap for what it is and the service is definitely inconsistent, but it is a nice alternative to the usual spots.

California Pizza Kitchen in Denver, CO


By Kathleen A.

It was my daughter's birthday last week and I told her she could pick any restaurant she wanted to go to. Yep, she picked CPK. The kids love the pasta, I love the salads, and my husband loves the pizzas. It's the one place where the kids are happy, and the parents don't have to give up having "adult" food and beverages.

California Pizza Kitchen in Las Vegas, NM


By John S.

This is by far the worse pizza chain I have ever been to. The dough is terrible and the toppings (though unique) are sparse and lack any harmony in creating a quality pizza. I think the whole chain developed from the BBQ chicken pizza which is a glorified chicken sandwich. California pizza is not local Vegas pizza...for tourists only.

California Pizza Kitchen in Philadelphia, MO


By Charlie B.

Went to City Line location for early lunch. Needed magnifying glass to find steak in steak tacos. Waiter took forever to bring check and then longer to bring change, and there were very few customers.