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Carl's Jr. is an American fast-food chain with over 1,000 restaurants throughout the Western U.S. offering breakfast, hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Find Carl's Jr. restaurant locations near you.

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What Insiders are Saying about Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. in Anna, TX


By Sue c.

Chicken salad was really bad. The chicken was fine but the luttuce was horrible. All wilted and yellow so I was afraid to eat anymore. I called the location and share my experience. They offered go make it right but I opted not. Please fix this cause I really like Carls Jr and would like to continue eating from them. Signed very disappointed !!:((

Carl's Jr. in Aurora, CO


By Delysha D.

i love Carl's Jr. i couldn't find the one i always go to but the food always taste the same your food is so good i actually don't mind paying the price of anything on the menu. Although the food is good the prices are very high sometimes i bite my lip knowing i can't afford a burger it hurts because i love the food

Carl's Jr. in Buena Park, CA


By sunita s.

They have really good burgers here. Also their fries are really really good. I love getting their chicken strips because they are so good. Also their shakes and desserts are really good to. They have really good customer service. And they also have very quick service.

Carl's Jr. in Napa, CA


By Leilani S.

Wow...I just had the BEST $6 Guacamole Bacon Burger ever at this Carl's Jr. in Napa! The lettuce was crispy, the tomatoes were yummy, the meat was hot and fresh and they put exactly the right amount of guacamole. For the first time, I ate a burger that actually looked like what I see on the TV commercials! :)

Carl's Jr. in Renton, WA


By Michelle W.

With all the fast food chains out there, Carl's Junior has to be one of the most consistantly tasty places to go. The burgers are fresh and taste delicious. I would recommend this fast food restaurant over any other out there. Its located in the Renton Highlands. Go check it out!!

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