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What Insiders are Saying about Carquest Auto Parts

Carquest Auto Parts in Spencer, IA


By Nicole S.

Klems has so much under just one roof. From arts and crafts to farm equipment, to clothing and flowers. Their prices are very reasonable for most of their items, a little more expensive for others. All in all it is a great place to go if you are looking for a varitey.

Carquest Auto Parts in East Chicago, IN


By Brandon C.

This store has great service. The people are friendly and helpful. I like the fact that they won't try to sell you something you don't need. They always try to help fix your problem, and they always have what I need.

Carquest Auto Parts in Aurora, CO


By Kynan K.

Thank you for the wonderful service your company has provided for us. Our new hardwood floors are beautiful. The workmanship is excellent. Your young men were courteous, obliging and so very respectful.

Carquest Auto Parts in Splendora, TX


By Sue T.

This is a really good, really convient auto parts dealer. The prices are good. The staff is knowledgable and helpful. Thier hours of operation are good. Convienent location. East parking.

Carquest Auto Parts in Henderson, AR


By Nick D.

I've actually had a really good experience with just about every auto parts store in Las Vegas. The chains are surprisingly competent, but Charleston has a very solid reputation in the community and I found when I couldn't find something, other stores sent me here. The parts counter is very busy, but very friendly. Sometimes I go in knowing exactly what I need and it's name and purpose and sometimes I don't. Lately it's been the latter and they did a good job thinking creatively to help me solve my problem. I found the prices to be pretty much in line with the rest of the valley which means if you can wait, and you have a good internet supplier that you trust, buy it there. PROS: Helpful and well stocked CONS: Location is a little bit of a pain to get to

Carquest Auto Parts in Chatsworth, CA


By Reid K.

If you're as sick as I am of places like Pep Boys and Auto Zone, where the stoned kid behind the counter can't sell you a screwdriver without looking up your car in the computer (assuming he's not too busy yakking on the phone with his girlfriend), you'll love this place. It's one of the few remaining REAL auto parts stores. (Hi, Dick!) They are very helpful (Hi, Tony!) and knowledgeable. They have a real machine shop and, more importantly, they know how to use it (Hi, Richard!). Really, you can't go wrong here. Don't let the small size and lack of glitz fool you, this place is the real deal.

Carquest Auto Parts in Vernon, NJ


By Terry F.

I know a lot of repair shops use these guys and their delivey service is wonderful, but I find them to be one of the most expensive auto parts places anywhere.

Carquest Auto Parts in Vista, CA


By Gary L.

Carquest is an autoparts store that caters to professional auto service repair shops with foreign and domestic parts, tools, and equipment. Their parts are available to private parties who want to do their own repairs as well, but should you need any help, they're happy to recommend qualified service centers to you. Nice people!

Carquest Auto Parts in San Jose, CA


By Dave M.

I have been to All Parts for everything from standard maintenance items and tools, to specialty hi-performance parts. They are a small store, so the "showroom" is limited, but the employees have been helpful and knowledgeable. They were often the cheapest anyway, but they also were able to match prices, and get hard to find intake parts for my old truck. I would recommend them over Kragens or Pep Boys any day of the week.

Carquest Auto Parts in Tacoma, WA


By Diana W.

Good auto parts store. They carry a little of everything in there. The employees seem knowledgeable and are quite helpful. A quick easy experience. It was very easy to find what I was looking for.